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Subject: Heroes Campaign - The Finale rss

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Fernando Lopez
United Kingdom
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(This is a session report for a continuing campaign using the rules in the Miniartures handbook for warband advancement)

Skirmish - The Finale

15th August 2006

Game 1: We'll Get there Eventually

Where: Lost Tomb of King Wentigal
Who: LASF vs AGoH
Type: Stragglers

The lost tomb of the king of cormyr was the destination for the bands.
The power ful artifact withing these tombs was rumoured to be beyond
imagination. The first to reach the portal would be able to safeguard it
unitl the rest of the party arrived. having been given their orders
both groups split up in search of the tomb. Of Arads men, the first to
spot the telltale markings on the broken wall was Man-at-arms. For LASF It
was Lidda the rogues, Ialdabode the Psion and the lizardman. Who also
headed towards the tomb posthaste.
As they moved both Called their cammrades over. for Arad the next to
arrived was the newly recruited caravan Guard. soon joined Man-at-amrs
and they advanced in formation. For LASF the swift Bauriar Ranger heard
his companions calls and rushed to their aide. Lidda and Ialdabode both
attempted attack on Man-at-arms one with dagger the other with his
mind, but both failed to have any impact on the heavily armed, strong
willed warrior.
As they apporached the Tomb both teams slowed down as they surveyed the
opposition hoping to overcome them and lay claim to the tomb for
themselves. The Hard nosed dwarven defender was the next for Arads group to
arrive, Then Arad miself reached the scene, almost simultaneously Redgar
spotted the wall and rushed towards it. The first to arrive were Man At
Arms and the caravan guard, taking defensive postions they attempted to
hold the wall unitl their comrades arrived. LASF realizing ther plan
attempted to dislodge the two fighters. Ialdabode targeted Man At Arsm
again, and this time managed to subjugate his will with a moperful mind
thrust. Meanwhile The lizard Man charged the carvan guard stabing him
with his spear. Last to attack was the centaur who rounded the wall drew
his bo wand fired truly on the guard. Being faced with so many foes and
with his injuries mounting the very green caravan guards will borke and
he fled the wall. Leaving LASFs troops to claim it as their own.

Victor: LASF

Interlude: The acquisiton of a powerful spell book in the tombs resulted in an
increase to the power of LASF, forcing the hands of the other groups who also invested
greater funds into their skirmishing campaigns. Thus began the final Epic battles.


Game 2: You Smell Decay.....

Where: Unknown
Who: LASF VS Blackfist
Type: Halls of Decay

Deep within the tombs, evil spirits fed on the blood of the injured. it is here that the now more
powerful skirmish partied of LASF and the Black Fist met.The black fist had acquired two new very
powerful allies the Death Knight and Steel predator, Whilst LASF had added to its regualr troop
with the Voice of Battle, Pholarch and Talenta Halfling.Lasf Spread out in the ruins attempting to
Make use of its greater numbers, whislt the Black fist stayed hidden behind the rubble, waiting for
the perfect time to strike.

Finally the death knight saw his opportunity and let fly a devastating Abysal Blast that ripped
thorugh LASF backline troops,Lidda and redgar managed to avoid the bulk of the spell, but Ildabode
was burned to a crips and the Talenta halfling was injured badly enough to turn tail and flee

Next the steel predator came bounding out from its hiding place in the treasure room and let fly
with his devastating Roar. Its plowed into the treant and the phoelarch who both managed to avoid
some of its power but were still damaged by its tremendous force. But the predator wasn't finished
yet and he lashed out a the treant hitting it squarly and causing it to flee.

Hit with this vicoud onslaught LASF attempted to hit back. Redgar charged the preadotr and manged
to connect, the phoelarch aslo closed in and damaged the catlike creature. The bauriar then advanced
and fired with his bow but missed. What happned to the gobbo? how did he die? Voice of Battle tehn
used his sweet music to charm the preadtor confusing him in the process.

At this point Redgaer attempted to Rally the treant and managed to convince him to return to battle.
Grashnak and the death knight then advanced from their hiding placetrying to reach the predator and
revive him from the spell. The treant advanced on the death knight and dealt him a brutal blow, then
the phoelarch taking advantage of the predators confusion broke from meele and advanced on the
deathknight, hitting him squarley.Oh and the spirits from the halls of decay took lidda, darining
the last of her reserves.

Meanwhile Redagar and the centaur continued to attack the predator who lost
his bearing and drew attacks of opportunity from both fighters with his confused motions. Soon their
blows revivied him from his confusion but their severity sent him looking for a way out of the tombs.
The death kight let out a last ditch effort smiting the phoelarch, but while the blow felled him it
also released a devastating death burst which also consumed the death knight in a blaze of magical
flame.Left with no allies, Grashnakk, was open to attack by the treant who damaged wil and sent him
fleeeing. He managed to reagin his composure but with only he from the party remaining he attempted
to hide from LASF's forces.

The skirmish turned into cat and mouse and Grahsnakk avoided the deadly arrows of the bauriar and
Redgar. Soon the Halls of decay took their tolls though and redgar faded from existance. Faced with
the same pain grashnakk had only last try at LASf but the bariurs arrow ended his life on the cold
floor of the halls of decay.

Victor: LASF


Game 3: Need for Speed

Where: Tower of Power
Who: Iron Boot vs AGoH
Type: Speed

The Iron Boot had not taken part in many skirmishs of late and were in desperate need of some action. They needed to get deep into the inner tombs to hopefully find some artifacts to put them on an even footing with the other groups.

Arads ghosts on the other hand had plenty of gold that they had recenty plundered from the tombs and were depseperate to get to the surface with it and all their party alive and intact. The two parties however encountered each other on their respective journeys and a skirmish ensued.Arad had the newfound Archons on their side, whose trumpet and swrod were sure to strike fear into the evil hearts of the Boot. the Boot on the other hand had left many of its lesser minions beinhd choosing to bring a powerful drow wizrda with them, and an aspect of Demogorgan a vile beast she had summoned for their journey.

The two troops advanced and met near the famous borken wall. The Worg of the Iron Boot flew past the archins looking for saftey in the halls beyond, while the drowess fired a snowball swarm at the warforged wiard, causing minimal damage.As the archons advanced menacingly the fist struck. The githyanki fighter fired a magic missile that ended the life of man-at-arms, while the reliable orc warrior charged at the exposed Ragnara an delivered a brutal critical hit cleaving her in twain with his massive great axe.

In retaliation The warforged wizard fired his sonic disruptor(?) at the aspect causing minial damage. The aspect then advanced and hit the wiards a stunning blow, followed by another which knocked the fight out of him snding his fleeeing.As this happned the Trumpet archon finally arrived at the githyanki fighter and let out a devastating attack. But the githyanki held, for the time being. Arad was next on the demogorgans list and soon the beast was mauling the ghosts leader. Realising his leaders plight the sword or archon sped to his assitance. As this fight progressed, the commander of the iron boot and the drow sorceress assited the beast and dispatched
Redgar, then using the aspect as protection made their way towards the exits

The githyanki tried to strike back at the trumpt but the angel was too swift and soon dispatchedthe fighter back to whence he came. The sword was trying valiantly to stop the aspect of demogorgan but to no avail as the beast tore through him as he had the others. The orc warrior and the Worg who had been ignored by the archons had almost managed to escape the battlefield. With only the Trumpet of Archon remaining, and the fearsome aspect of Demogorgan blocking his path to the other members of the Iron boot, the battle was all but won and the Trumpeter felw off to fight another day.

Arads body lay in the dust and before his comrades could come to collect it, some nifty halfling theives made off with his +1 weapon

Victor: Iron Boot
Items Gained: ?
Items Lost: AGoH lost +1 Weapon
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