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Subject: Crete: The Germans hammer on the Australians rss

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George Haberberger
United States
New York
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I started with a basic Commonwealth setup, dividing the forces according
to nationality first. The British were protecting Malema airfield, the
Greeks the town of Suda and the passes, the New Zealanders Retimo
airfield, and the Australians all the way in the East protecting
Heraklion airfield. The airfield defenses were set up with a medium
strength unit on each airfield, stronger units on the adjacent hexes,
stronger units a hex away from the airfield defenders to spread the
ZOC, and the weakest units preparing to hold the passes.

German intelligence suspected the Australian defenders at Heraklion were
the weakest, and while the assault force would have to fight their way
westward, it was best to get an airfield as quickly as possible. The
Germans dropped 8 Fallshirmjager battalions, 4 8-5 and 4 6-5, leaving 5
in reserve to open up the passes and reinforce any flagging assaults.

The drops were picked away from the defenders, to avoid an All Out
Assault with no air support. Although there was scattering, the Germans
all landed safely without combat.

The Australians started moving up units to engage and slow the attackers
in the rough terrrain around Heraklion. The Kiwis moved their units to
block the passes from Heraklion.

By turn three, the Germans attacked the Heraklion airfield perimeter,
with one Commonwealth unit retreating, and two being eliminated.

The Commonwealth realized that Heraklion airfield will fall soon, and
gave the order for units to start a fighting withdrawal towards the
pass to Retimo.

By turn four, the Germans anticipated the capture of Heraklion airfield,
and landed two 6-5 paratroop battalions on the far side of the pass to
Retimo, hoping to secure an exit hex. The troops land in the rough away
from the pass, but also away from defenders.

The German attack on Heraklion airfield succeeded, but a cost of one

The Commonwealth reinforces the pass defenders, but even with new units
none are a match for the newly landed paratroopers. They'll need luck
to keep the pass closed.

By turn five, the first Mountain Troops land at Heraklion airfield. A
third paratroop lands at the far side of Retimo pass, to reinforce the
two landed last turn. It landed on a 2-4, and wins during that furious

The Commonwealth player now judges Malema airfield safer from air
assault with only two Fallshirmjager battalions uncommitted, and starts
sending troops to Retimo. They will take a few turns to get there.

At the halfway point, the Germans have 26 VP, the Commonwealth 6. If the
Commonwealth can limit losses and keep their last two airfields and
Suda, they can prevent the Germans from getting more than a marginal

By turn six the Germans have opened up the passes from Heraklion, only
one hex, but it may be enough, given the very low odds of the
Commonwealth successfully counterattacking. The Commonwealth player
forms a loose defensive line to slow the breakout from the pass.

The Commonwealth was unable to hold the back the tide of German Mountain
Troops and Fallschirmjager. Despite putting up a stiff defense, Retimo
Airfield soon fell to the onslaught.

By turn 9, the remaining Fallshirmjager dropped near the town of Suda,
in attempt to secure it for additional victory points. The Greeks put
up a strong enough defense to keep this from happening.

At the end of the game, the Germans have 122 VP, the Commonwealth 71. A
decisive German victory.
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George Haberberger
United States
New York
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Thanks Ken.

I have a small stack of unplayed games that I'm trying to go through. Since I mostly got them in the 80's, they're generally old and underrepresented here.
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