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Subject: Memoir '44 - A Husband Vs a Wife at Vassiuex, Vercors rss

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May 2018 be all you dreamed it would be and be all that you dreamed...
This is the 7th report in a series as I attempt to play through Memoir '44 with my wife. She is an avid gamer but more a card & euro player.

These sessions not only try to outline the results of the battle, but aim to highlight her approach and her understanding of the strategy as she gains experience. Hopefully someone else may find them useful if they attempt to play Memoir with their significant other.

#7 - Vassieux, Vercors

Round 1

Patty - Axis
Neil - Allies

A German surprise attack up against the French with all their devious tricks and below strength units. We were looking forward to this one!

The Germans started with only 1 central order and used it to shift a unit to the leftmiddle flank and eliminate a single Allied figure in the process.

The Allies started with 3 central order cards and one on the left. It appeared that HQ expected a quick battle down the middle. The French moved the units on the left back towards the centre. The Germans, lacking any central orders, manoeuvred some units into forests on their left flank. The Allies had received orders for the right and were able to move another unit onto the centre line and the remaining unit into cover in the forest.

The trap had been set. The Allies had 8 units ready to strike with an 'All Centre' order. Alas the Germans had not taken the bait and moved forward. This was a strange battle, a waiting game. Both sides used this time to inch a unit or two onto hills or into tree line cover. The land was still and you could hear the sweat hit the ground as it fell from the brow of a nervous soldier’s brow. He wasn't alone.

The Germans finally received the word and 3 units advanced in the centre. Their guns fired hot balls of death and the French took some licks. But there was no time to ponder the passing of mates as the 'All Centre' order was shouted down the line. Like greyhounds from the starting box they sprang and suddenly the seemingly empty forests and hills were alive with movement. Four German units came under heavy crossfire as the Allies unleashed a cacophony of sound.

But things did not go well on this fateful day. Perhaps their nerves were shot or their eagerness took over. For only 1 German unit fell and 3 others only suffered half damage or less. The crafty Germans were even able to get a field medic to a needy unit. Patched back to full health the unit advanced with the utmost bravery and wiped out a full strength French unit in the centre – the battle was turning.

The French were now locked in a bloody battle and chose to persist. A General Advance was helpful, but again the Germans managed to maintain good numbers. The Germans saw their chance and Counter Attacked with such ferocity that the French were left stunned. Several units managed to fall back over the central ridge to supposed safety. But alas the German war machine had planned well this day and the Luftwaffe followed up and captured the last remaining medal needed for victory!

A resounding victory to the Germans and Patty - 4 Medals to 2! soblue

Round 2

The Germans made the most of their initiative and opened the battle with a bloody attack. 3 Units advanced in the centre and created a crossfire situation. 1 French unit was cut down where it stood. Another was reduced to the bare bones but managed to flee over the ridge to safety.

The Allies replied with an Infantry Assault that helped them manoeuvre reinforcements into position on the ridge and snipe the odd German soldier. Several turns passed with only minor skirmishes as both sides jockeyed for position and tried to bring their flanks into play.

Suddenly the relative calm was broken as the Allies dug deep into their well of courage ('Their Finest Hour'). Two units broke ranks and came charging down off the central ridge. Two German units waited for them in the valley. One German unit would never speak of that fateful charge, the other limped back into a nearby forest. The Germans planned to make the French pay and unleashed an Artillery Barrage on a full strength French unit. But the spotters were not at their best and only 1 figure fell from a strong 4 dice attack! zombie

The Allies now seized their chance and all the units on the left moved to support their troops in the centre. This cut the Germans to ribbons and although no medals fell, the Germans had few options available.

So they started a rearguard action and fell back in and behind the city of Vassieux. Although the Germans were weakened, they still had 1 strong unit holding the city. The French did not wish to advance blindly with no protection, so they took the battle to their right flank.

Here the Germans faired much better and they held the high ground of the ridge located there. Each French advance was met with a hail of bullets and bloody casualties. But try as they might the Germans could not finish off the French and each time Resistance managed to retreat their wounded to safety.

Eventually the French chanced their arm and in one push they got into the face of the Axis forces. The Germans held firm but when they went to return fire they were caught in a nasty Ambush that wiped out 34’s of a single full strength unit. The Germans were now all but defeated on their left (2 units – 1 figure each) and they too fell back towards the city.

The end was nigh but the French were determined to win in style. A highly trained unit was able to get 'Behind Enemy Lines' and finish of a 4th unit and win the French the day.

The Germans were well beaten (4-1) but the defeat hurt even more when the setting sun shone on 4 French Units all with a solitary figure left in them. This battle could have been ended so differently.....

Final Result - Victory to Patty 8 Medals to 3.

Scenario Count - Patty (4) Neil (3)

What Did Patty Learn

She loves playing the French. She has won every battle now that feature the French Resistance. Patty is becoming very skilled in identifying the greatest threat to her troops and she is now holding back Tactics Cards until they offer her the maximum benefit. She has also perfected that little look that says, ‘You were just unlucky honey’.
I hate that look!

Edit - Added Scenario Map
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