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Subject: Tweaking 2P housekeeping rss

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Joe Grundy
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EDIT: I posted the technique below, but it requires nominating an action then moving the flock marker then chosing if you're going to take bonus flock movement before marking the action with a button. This vacant state of the action space seems to be potentially just as confusing. Your mileage may vary.

If I understand the 2P variant correctly:

button = mutton button
pad = player control pad

1) Players each pick a spare colour and put 5 buttons of that colour on a spare pad, covering two ones, two twos, and one three.
2) In each turn, after moving the flock marker, the player may optionally remove one of their buttons from the spare pad and hence move the flock marker extra spaces.
3) If the normal movement of the flock marker reaches the end of paddock two or four (roger or shearing) then (2) is not allowed.
4) If a player has more buttons on the spare pad than they have spaces left on their own pad then (2) is required rather than optional.
(ie it must stay possible to use all your remaining bonus flock marker movements)
5) If the conditions for (3) and (4) happen at the same time, then the player must remove one button from the spare pad without moving the flock marker and lose two points off their score.
6) If a player has any buttons left on the spare pad at the end of the game, they lose two points per button.

If I have this all correct, here's a way to make sure this doesn't get messed up or overlooked. (It involves changing the expressed turn sequence slightly, but I don't believe this makes any difference in any circumstance in the game.)

Setup: Instead of putting a spare colour of button on the spare pad, put five of your own colour buttons. Make sure you have exactly seven buttons remaining.

A) Choose a spare action on your pad and move the flock marker
A*) If the flock marker is not at the end of paddock 2 or 4, optionally remove a button from the spare pad and move the flock marker accordingly
B) Place a button on the chosen action on your pad. * If you have no buttons left you must get one from the spare pad and lose two points.
C) Perform the chosen action from your pad
D) Resolve the flock
E) Score
F) If the flock marker is on a panic space, roll the panic die.

This shouldn't make any game difference since moving the flock marker and the sheep are independant of each other before the scoring step so as long as the second last step is "score" and the last step is "sheep panic" it should be good.

One thing about this sequence, for new-ish players... in both our first two games using the regular sequence one of us got caught out because we had chosen and executed an action to optimise scoring in paddock 1 or 3, only to then notice that the flock marker moved into the next paddock before we got our score. By changing to the sequence above, it emphasises where the flock marker will be for scoring purposes before you actually move the sheep around.

If I made any mistakes please let me know.

EDIT: So given my preamble, alternatively you could still mark out the bonus flock movement on the spare pad with your own markers, play the turn sequence as described in the standard rules, but require players use a bonus flock movement in time to have the mutton button free on their next turn (or else have to suffer the two point penalty). This would mean you couldn't save a bonus flock movement for your last turn.

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Suddenly a shot rang out! A door slammed. The maid screamed. Suddenly a pirate ship appeared on the horizon! While millions of people were starving, the king lived in luxury. Meanwhile, on a small farm in Kansas, a boy was growing up.
The whole 2P variant sounded too clunky to me when I first read through it, so we just add 1 (if we're using the 3-player board) or 2 (if we're using the 4-player board) to the movement number of each action we take.

I'm not really sure what this post has to do with your question though. Sorry.
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