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September 1942 – Allies

Strategic Warfare

The Battle for the Atlantic has reached a fever pitch, and the Allies are quickly gaining the upper hand. The Kriegsmarine's attempt to redistribute their dwindling striking power in a way that draws Allied naval resources into a trap has failed. Allied naval planners have reacted nearly ideally, with German forces outgunned at nearly ever turn. Only off the US Coast do the German forces have real parity, but without air support that may be whittled away.

Indeed, in the US Coastal waters Germany takes 3 hits while inflicting none. In the Arctic only Germany's superior technology prevents worse, as their sub forces suffer a hit and shrug one off without answering in kind. In the North Atlantic, German subs are hounded relentlessly by British aircraft carriers, which inflict 7 hits while suffering only 1 in return (lost 1 Oil). As mercilessly as Germany massacred Allied airmen over the Reich, in the Atlantic, German sailors are dying in droves.


The US and the UK build more naval vessels, mainly CVE/DD combos and air components for British carriers. As much as possible, they repair their shredded strategic bomber fleets, which will fly again this month but not at full capacity. HQ's are rebuilt as ability allows.

Strategic Rail Movement

All SHQ's and Navy HQ's activate as the movement of troops to the Middle East continues.


British and American troops storm back into Egypt, chasing a lone Italian HQ unit out of Alexandria. Allied intelligence indicates that only a weak series of static garrison units are present in Libya. Can the Allies move enough naval vessels into the Mediterranean to stop the Axis from reinforcing the continent. Will the Axis even concern itself with that, given all that is happening in Russia? In any case, it seems unlikely that the Allies will meet their hoped for goal of an amphibious landing in Afrika by October.


Only a brief skirmish in Alexandria, resulting in a few Italian losses before retreat.
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