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Subject: Down to the wire: Ultimate Werewolf for 11 rss

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Ted Alspach
United States
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Last night we played a game of Ultimate Werewolf with 11 players, a good number, and used only two “vanilla” villagers. The cast included:

Sick Villager: Scott
Spellcaster: Bridget
Werewolf: Mike
Villager #1: Cheryl
Drunk/Werewolf: Clark
Occultist: Jeremy
Martyr: John
Villager #2: Monica
Rabble Rouser: Karen
Seer: Greg
Village Idiot: Chris

I was the moderator, and got things off to a fine start by having myself mauled and consumed the first night. Due to the advantage the Villagers had, I did not give the seer a night one view, so the first day everyone was on even footing (except Clark, the Drunk who didn’t know he was actually a werewolf…he wouldn’t sober up for another few days).

Day One
The mob mentality took hold immediately, with Chris the Village Idiot being nominated and lynched immediately (unfortunately the Village Idiot must always vote for everyone to die at lynch time, and the angry mob realized their mistake only as the vote came in with 7-4 in favor of lynching. The Village Idiot was dead.

Night fell, and the lone werewolf, Mike, chose Greg the Seer as his midnight snack. Greg has been the seer before, and a similar fate has befallen him. The Spellcaster chose Mike to be silenced for the next day (and the village cheered!). Jeremy the occultist brought Clark into the cult.

Day Two
With two villagers down, there were now seven villagers and two werewolves (or so the villagers thought…Clark had yet to Sober Up). Nominations and accusations few back and forth until finally Karen was strung up (whoops, another villager gone).

The Drunk (Clark) sobered up that night and discovered he was a werewolf. Mike was happy to have a partner in villager-dining, and they chose Monica the villager as their next victim. Bridget the Spellcaster meanwhile chose John to be silenced the next day (and again, the village cheered!). Jeremy added Bridget to the cult.

Day Three
The village had a lot of trouble making up their minds, when finally Jeremy was voted in favor of being lynched. John motioned like a crazy person and took Jeremy’s place as the good martyr. Jeremy survived, but yet another villager was down.

The two wolves wasted no time in eating Jeremy, but not before he added Scott to his list of cult followers. Bridget cast her spell of silence on Scott (he was quite popular that evening). But it was starting to look pretty grim for the villagers. There were only 3 villagers left…and two werewolves.

Day Four
I informed the village that this was a crucial lynch; making a mistake and lynching a villager meant that the village would be overrun by werewolves, and the villagers would lose. Scott nodded in agreement, being unable to talk. Nominations and discussions flew, until finally Scott pointed strongly at Clark, indicating a nomination. He was seconded, and at the vote, it was 3-2 in favor of death. The village had finally lynched themselves a werewolf.

Unfortunately, Mike the werewolf was not at all pleased with the lynch, and angrily ate Cheryl, who had been one of the primary accusers of Clark…and also mentioned that Mike was probably of the hairy faced, fanged-mouthed persuasion. Bridget gave Mike the silent treatment, and then the village awoke with 2 villagers and one werewolf.

Day Five
Scott immediately nominated Mike, and Mike motioned that Scott should be nominated. It was now up to Bridget to 2nd a nomination (or risk being nominated and seconded herself). After what seemed like seconds of deliberation, she seconded Mike, and the final vote was two for death, one (Mike, the silent werewolf) for life. Mike the werewolf was lynched, the village was saved (what little there was left of it), and Jeremy the occultist had also won, having converted the two remaining villagers to his cult before he died.

All in all a thrilling nail-biter of a game of Ultimate Werewolf, confirming that a game with few (only two) vanilla villagers can work just fine, and (almost) everyone had something interesting to do during the game.
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