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Chris Sjoholm
United States
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Nothing to see here, please move along.
This is a trick-taking game where you have to predict
exactly how many tricks you're going to take. If
you're right, you get 10 points. If you're wrong, you
get nada and like it. First player to 100 points wins
(or whoever has the most after x rounds, or x minutes,
or whatever).

There are four suits. Three of the suits have cards
from 1 to 10. The fourth suit, Archie, is trump and
has twelve cards, 0 to 11.

Deal out seven cards to each player. The rest of the
cards will not be used this hand. Players look at
their cards, then turn the dial on their little
doohickey to the number of tricks they think they'll
take -- anywhere from 0 to 7. Once everybody has made
their prediction, everybody reveals simultaneously.

The high bidder leads. If there's a tie, the dealer
wins the tiebreaker if he was one of the high bidders;
otherwise it's the player nearest to his left. After
the first trick, the winner of each trick leads the

You must follow suit if you can. No exceptions. You
are never required to trump. Highest trump card wins
the trick; if no trump was played, the highest card of
the suit led wins the trick.

When you win a trick, place it face down in front of
you so that everyone knows how many you've won.
Tricks won are public knowledge.

If you win a trick that contains one of the two
Dingbat cards (the red 0 or red 11), then you can
either keep the trick or give it to one of your
opponents. Very nasty.

After all seven tricks have been played, deal rotates
to the left. Shuffle all the cards back into the

If more than one player reaches 100 points in the same
hand, keep playing until the tie is broken.

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