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Fredrik Claesson
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Scots: Elias
English: Fredrik
Scenario: Braveheart, starting 1297.

This was Elias first game, so we used the schiltroms optonal rule, were all scottish infantry have long spears, having C3 instead of C2 (simulating the wall of spears from the movie)

Year 1: 1297
Turn 1: I started strong with a 3 card, marching 1 bowmen, 1 infantry and 1 knight into Annan, attacking Bruce. (I had to pay 1 for each block for crossing the border into Scotland). I suppose it would have been better for Elias to deploy Bruce in Carrick, or flee. Now, a brief fight saw a defeated Bruce joining my side. Meanwhile, Elias attacked Buchan, from Strathspey, but was beaten back after 3 rounds of combat. (As attacker, you have to withdraw if you haven’t won after 3 rounds).

Turn 2: I followed up by attacking and defeating Galloway in Galloway, first moving one block into Carrick to prevent him from escaping. With Galloway on my side, things were looking good. Elias sent Wallace north attacking Angus, who fled to Mar, joining that same noble. I also moved one infantry to Dunbar.

Turn 3. I played Pillage on the Scots in Angus, who took 2 step losses on the infantry (Wallace is too valuable). Then Elias attacked Mar, beating Mar and Angus easily. Two more nobles to the Scots!

Turn 4: Decisive! I played Herald, and Mar switched sides. A combat resulted immediately, and he was swiftly beaten back into the fold. But, since Elias played Victuals to recover from his step losses, the year ended in Winter. (which happens every time both players play event cards simultaneously). Disaster! Mar can only supply 1 block, so Elias had to remove two blocks of infantry (ouch!) leaving Mar (a noble cannot be killed on purpose) and move Wallace south, to winter in Selkirk Forest.

Year 2: 1298
I drew seven blocks from the replacement pool, among the King Edward Longshanks (woohoo!) several cavalry and strong blocks of infantry, plus the welsh bowmen. Not bad.

Turn 1: I played Sea move, moving one cavalry and one infantry to Buchan in the north. Elias moved Wallace to Lothian (stopping there because he crossed a red border). He also moved two blocks south to Fife.

Turn 2. Elias moved Wallace to Mentieth, attacking in Stirling, defeating Mentieth, joied by the two blocks from Fife. I moved Edward, one noble and one infantry to Dunbar, joining Dubar and the infantry there. Now they were five blocks strong.

Turn 3. I moved first attacking Wallave with 5 blocks vs 3. A good thing, because Wallace is horrendous with those A3 attacks, alway striking first. Luck was on my side and the infantry survived taking only three hits, and Edward retaliated with four hits! (Edward is slower, but he is a B4, wounding on 4 or lower. Elias should have retreated, but he is tenacious and thought luck would even out. It didn’t, Wallace was killed and victory was within my grasp.

Turn 4. Elias tried desperately to attack Comyn, with Moray. But was beaten back and had to withdraw. He did however, attack and take Buchan.

Turn 5: I marched north and took back Buchan with Edward, who wintered there. (something he is allowed to do once per game, instead of returning to England.)

Year 3: 1299: Elias was too weak to recover, an I easily took Mar and finally killed Moray, winning the game by controlling all living nobles.

Game over after 1(!) hour.

Elias was unlucky, so the game was very uneven. But it was only his first game and he said he was eager to play again soon. Only next time, he will play the English...

Rating: Fredrik 8, Elias 7 ( I think)

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