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Episode 52 of your Weekdays Update on what Games are New on Kickstarter.
Saturday, June 25th.

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Featuring (Amongst Others): Wasteman, Whelps to Wyrms, Cantankerous Cats & Mutant Crawl Classics Role Playing Game.
(Some projects don't have a BGG page yet at the start of the campaign.)

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Miniatures Related Projects:

2d Neoprene Terrain and Scenario Battle Pack [No BGG Link at Time of Release]
Unipolar Games is bringing 2d battlefield and terrain kits which you can put in the washing machine as well! No clumsy terrain pieces to carry with you, just a stack of neoprene ‘mats’ so to speak which you can easily lay on the table et voila! Battlefield is set up! There’s several packs available and they start from 20 USD.
Ends Wednesday 08-03 Pre

MODz for Wasteman
Next Up, MODz! It’s a range of interchangeable mutant figures for the game Wasteman, a game that was on Kickstarter last year. The models are cast in resin and come in two parts: a topper and a plugger so you can mix and match whatever you need at that time! The models come in sets of two for the oddlings & gribloids and cost 15 GBP per set or you can get one Chimera for 23. They all come with suggestive stat cards as well.
Ends Sunday 07-03

Board Games:

Calcio Storico [No BGG Link at Time of Release]
Calcio Storico is a miniature board game that emulate the historic game of Calcio Fiorentino, which was played in italy and is a predecessor of football (soccer). If you want to know more about the historical background of the game, check out the Wikipedia page for it. How to play the game (either the original or the board game version is unknown to me) but the base pledge for the board game is 75 EUR, which comes with a stadium and 54 miniatures.
Ends Thursday 07-14

Whelps to Wyrms
The other new Board Game is Whelps to Wyrms. It’s a game where you are raising your own dragon and exploring the world around you in search of treasure. Start off as a little hatchling, explore the world and grow yourself into a big terrifying dragon by eating livestock (and people). Of course the local humans will try to do anything to stop you from eating them! Whelps to Wyrms is 5 CAD for the Full Art PNP, 59 for the standard version or 79 CAD for the Deluxe One.
Ends Monday 07-18Pre
PNP Available

Card Games:

Cantankerous Cats
There is a card game Called Cantankerous Cats! I pride myself on being quite proficient in English, but even I had to look up what Cantankerous means. It means bad-tempered, Argumentative and uncooperative. Makes sense! Anyway it’s a card game about cats doing what cats do! The goal of the game is causing as much trouble without getting kicked out of the house by your owner. Cantankerous Cats is 35 USD.
Ends Tuesday 08-09

Party / Miscellaneous Games:

Well I’d Never [No BGG Link at Time of Release]
Well I’d Never is a game that tries how much it would take for your friends to sell out or sell their dignity. A scenario card comes up and you’ll have to play the value card, which says for how much (or little) you would do it! Well I’d Never is 25 USD.
Ends Monday 07-25 Pre

Role Playing Games:

Beckett’s Jyhad Diary [No BGG Link at Time of Release]
First up in RPG’s: Beckett’s Jyhad Diary. The RPG about the dreaded game the ancient vampires play with mankind is looking for funding to get a luxurious, deluxe version of the book out there and it looks pretty good! It’s 20 USD for the PDf or the good-looking printed version is 85 USD.
Ends Saturday 07-23

Mutant Crawl Classics Role Playing Game
Mutant Crawl Classics brings DCC rules to a Post-apocalyptic setting. Adventure like it’s 1978 again with modern rules grounded in the origins of post-apocalyptic Role Playing. A modern interpretation of Classic Gaming! Mutant Crawl Classics is 25 USD for the PDF or 40 for a hardcover edition. There’s also a foil hardcover available for 60.
Ends Wednesday 07-20 Pre

Stellar Adventures [No BGG Link at Time of Release]
Stellar Adventures is using the classic Advanced Fighting Fantasy ruleset to power about any Science Fiction game you might need! I’m not fully aware of the apparently rich history of the series, but that’s probably my bad. Stellar Adventures is 10 GBP for the PDF version, 18 for a softcover version and 25 for the Hardcover.
Ends Wednesday 07-20 Pre
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