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Subject: Let's roll, my dear companions ! rss

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Florent Leguern Conciergerie Easylife
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Solo soul
Always look on the... *sigh* ... bright side of life !

Dice, nice ones, custom ones, even a big one ! And a map - that woudl definitively been nicer on some cloth (which I intend to do sometime). And there are counters, for loot. And heroes. All this comes in a nice looking chest-box that can be used thematically in-game. Some quick-learned rules, examples, and even some kind of achievements...

At its core, Dungeon Roll is a nifty little game that must not be taken too seriously. It hace dice, and all the gameplay revolves around it ! So a lot of randomness is to be expected. A little planning ahead and very careful micro-managment will get you through the dungeon, but you'll really be depending on those dice results.

The game is quickly explained : you are an adventurer that recruits a Hero and some lackeys. Each has a function : fighter, sorcerer, thief... and is represented by a dice. Some of those dice can be Parchments. They can help you reroll dice.

You go down a dungeon, and at each level, you encouter monsters, also in the form of dice. Each of your lackeys has an archenemy, of which he can slay any number. Otherwise, it's one dice for another. So the deeper you go, the less dice you have in your party. Let's not forget that sometimes, the enemy dice shows up a dragon. If so, it goes in the Dragon's lair. If there three or more dragons in the lair, you have been too noisy during your massacre of the local fauna, and the master of the premises appears. To defeat him, you have to oppose him three different kind of lackeys. Otherwise... you're dead. You're also dead if you don't have enough party-members to defeat a simple mob.

So you have to manage your dice. You have to use the power of your Hero at the right moment. If you succeed, you will gain experience equal to the level you were during your last battle. Five experience points or more ? Your Hero grows in power. Some enemy dice can be chests, which can be opened for loot. Some are potions, that allows you to revive a slain party member, and even let him come back as another class. Cool, but weird.

Each player has to complete three runs in the dungeon, and we compare scores. You can even try to beat yourself alone.


I see Dungeon Roll as a continuation of Zombie Dice, although not on the same game-level. I often use Zombie Dice to get players not used to this kind of games to grasp the concepts, and then I lead them to Dungeon Roll. Most of the time, even though they don't leave Zombie Dice behind they elect Dungeon Roll as their favorite game. There's not as much laugh or goofy situations, but there's a meaning to rolling the dice, and the game mechanics and theme are quite nicely tied-up. When you defeat the Dragon, it's always rewarding and fun to get the treasure in the game-box ; when you use the power of your hero, it's always as a last resort, and you hope it will keep on track !

The game can have some flaws though. It's random, for starters. It's not overly hard, it doesn't offer great strategical plays... but as a matter of fact, that's also where lays the fun, pure fun, of the game. So its flaws may vary in intensity from player to player.

Dungeon Roll offers, to some extent, some great adventure, packed in fast-paced plays that can easilly been pulled out during lunchtime, all the while offering some after-discussions about this-and-that : it's a game that tells stories cool Out of ten, I give it an 8. Fast, fun, but sometimes, just not enough to really spice up an evening.

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