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Dave de Vil
United Kingdom
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I've been toying with the idea of a Westeros version of Kingmaker; all the principle elements are there and just need adopting to the different environment.

Has anyone seen any other attempt at this; can't find anything online.
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J Mason
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I recently started working on a GoT version of Kingmaker. The novels took a lot of their inspiration from 15th Century England, so the variant seemed a natural.
The biggest issues I've found in making a good fit between the two is
1. There is no institution that is equivalent to Parliament in GoT,
2. Dragons, Dothraki, and Undead. Game balance seems to go right out the window when these are thrown in the mix, and
3. The plethora of religions in Got, as opposed to one Holy Mother Church in England at the time.
4. The number of Royal Houses in GoT is several more than in Kingmaker.

For the first, I more or less shoe-horned the Small Council into Parliament's role, giving votes to those who hold office in the Council, as well as those who control regions on the map.Into these votes is thrown several issues, not least of which is whether to maintain the Watch or to give resources to other matters (see below).

For the second, I came up with a Dragon growth track, so that they only become more powerful over time. I made the Dothraki into a faction of their own, but only when in Essos.. If they make it to Westeros they change into a Mercenary (albeit a powerful mercenary). With the Undead, I abstracted it with a Night's Watch Effectiveness rule. The stronger the Watch is kept, the less incursions of Wildlings and Undead there are into Southern Westeros.
The armies of the dead also provide a handy cut off switch for the game, in that if the players do not provide some attention and resources to protecting the North for the benefit of all Westeros, eventually the whole country is swamped by moving corpses and all are killed, and no-one wins.

The number of religions in the books complicates the matter of coronations, as different Royal Heirs believe in different gods. So far I have not completely solved the problem of how to make this true to the books while not making for clunky game play/extra rules.

Lastly, I have come up with game variants with up to five Royal Houses (as in the War of the Five Kings), or a simpler version with just House Baratheon and House Targaryen battling it out.

On top of these things, I've had to decide whether only House Targaryen can have Dragon Eggs, or make it open to any Royal House, fashion City/Fortresses as a new castle type (think the Red Keep at King's Landing for example)that require two sieges to completely conquer, and decide which offices in Westeros are actually titles and vice versa.

I would upload the draft version of these rules to this thread, but still have not quite figured out how to do so, or if I'm allowed to under the Forum rules for existing games.
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