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Subject: assembl instructions rss

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Konstantin Lubsky
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Could anyone provide a link to a reasonable assembly instruciton for the miniatures? Seems that you have to cut and glue them first.
Since I am not a modeler, I have really no idea what to do. Thank you for your help!
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David Griffin
United States
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I think the only ones that exist are in the AVP box. Also the add on boxes you buy (game expansions) have rudimentary instructions on the outside of the box.

Even when you have them, they are inadequate. Here are a few tips though.

1. Very carefully, open the plastic bag containing a set of parts ONLY when you are on a table (not near the edge) very carefully and make sure no parts are hiding in the bases. Consider this a puzzle game.

2. Separate off the bases (you'll use those later) and don't forget to check to make sure you don't move off another part.

3. Assemble the body first if the body has multiple parts. For the marines. 4. Now you have to match the arms to the mini. Search in Google for AVP marines images and you can usually find some pictures. Then look carefully at the marines and try to match the bodies (use the assembly instructions for this as well) with the right arms. Remember for some holding guns, the left arm is designed to meet at the gun with the hand actually part of the gun mold. It's easy to get this wrong so try to assembly them without glue to see if they will meet. Do this with ALL the minis to make sure you have all the right ones. If you don't do all of them, you can get situations where one seems to fit while another doesn't because you actually have the wrong parts.

4. If you think you have the right parts for all the marines, and ALL of them seem to fit dry, then it's time to use a little glue. I use ZAP CA which you should be able to get at a hobby store (it's super glue). Use only a tiny drop and the hold it with your hands for about a minute.

5. One the minis are glued together, let them dry for at least a few hours. If there are any that are not well fixed, you can put a tiny drop on the gaps between the pieces to produce a stronger hold.

6. Then some people wash the minis to remove the surface stuff that may keep paint from sticking. The Aliens I had some problem with, the others I just primed after assembly. I used a spray can primer also from a hobby store in light grey. The result is a sticky paint.

7. Then paint a basecoat on the minis either with a spray can (army green for the marines, black for the aliens) or with a brush. I got the paints also from the hobby store though you can use cheaper water based acrylics from places like Michael's (hobby store).

8. Then go to google and look at how other people painted them and try to copy. Try googling washes and dry brushing -- those are easy techniques.

You will of course need supplies: Brushes, paint, spray primer, spray paint, wash (I like Nuln Oil which is a black wash), super glue (Zap CA), possibly the spray for Zap CA that makes it set faster (optional), a good table to work well protected from paint, a good strong light, and so on.

There are also people who will do all this for you but it's pretty expensive.

I know this is a lot. I hope it's helpful but it gives you some idea what you're getting into. You could also go to the local game store and enquire to see if there is anyone who paints stuff for others for money. You might find someone there.

EDIT: Just to emphasize that with a few simple techniques you can maybe not win mini contests (I can't either) but you can make your minis look MUCH better. Learning to assemble them, priming them with a spray primer out of a can (more expensive but easier), painting base colors as well as you can, but doesn't have to be perfect, doing a wash (like using nuln oil or some other black wash) over the top which tends to hide the mistakes and give you some depth, and then dry brushing a lighter color over the top.

Just doing THAT you'll be amazed at how good they look. Having fine pointed brushes will help too.
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