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Subject: Close Combat rss

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Gerardo Bolanos
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I'm playing my first game (solo- Scenario 1) and I run into a CC situation that I'm finding hard to resolve.

An American force consisting of an 8-0 Leader, 2 elite squads (7-4-7) and 1 elite half squad (3-3-7) are in Melee with 1 German squad (4-6-7).

Since the unit were already in Melee, I did not roll for Ambush at the beginning of the CC phase. I use the 4-1 odds to attack with the Americans and their DR is a 5, eliminating the German unit. The German squad rolls a total die roll of 2 while using 1-6 odds.

Since the die roll equals the number required in the CCT, I randomly apply casualty reduction to a unit. The American leader suffered casualty reduction, I rolled for wound severity and got a 6 so the Leader died. Since the leader was eliminated, all remaining forces will have to perform a LLMC. All three american units fail this check so they all break.

Im confused as to how the leader creation portion is now handled. Since I rolled an original 2 with the German unit, I perform a dr for leader creation and got a 1. I modify the dr to a -1 (-1 for German unit, -1 for odds , 1-1) so a 8-1 leader is created?

If a leader is created, does it participate in the CC battle? Giving the Germans 1-4 odds instead of 1-6. Then do I use the same result of 2 with the new odds and all American units are eliminated? I'm not sure how to correctly resolve this situation.

Thank you for any help. Hopefully I explained the situation clearly enough.
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Perry Cocke
United States
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Yes. Recalculate the odds of both attacks using the newly created leader. With the -1 DRM, all the Americans will die. See the very end of the big Close Combat Phase example.

Which is important for you, because the American MMC were not subject to LLMC while in close combat. See the NMC explanation in 3.2.3.
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