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Subject: English translation of the rules (variant play/cards not included in this) rss

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Wiener Walzer

Game preparation:

The board is designed such that when playing with 2 players, games will be played only in the light brown area. With 3 players, one of the two side wings of the ballroom comes into play. With 4 players both side wings come into play. With 5 players, the entire floor, including the foyer in gray marble.

Each player takes the 12 guest cards of one color or nationality of his choice, shuffles them and places them face down in front of him. The cards show men and women with the points values 0 - 5. Each player sets the scoring marker of his color on the start space of the scoring track (with curtains) on the game board.

The buffet-tiles are shuffled. The buffet-platelets are revealed in each spot on the floor being used that does not have golden frame. Note: All Others Buffet platelets form the open stock. They are only required for the variant with event cards.

The white guest cards are neutral. They are mixed and then placed randomly on the places marked with golden frames on the used playing surface. With 2 and 3 players some neutral guest cards are not used (these go back in the box).

Game play:

Each player draws a guest card from a stack of their hand. Whomever last danced a walz goes first, then play proceeds clockwise.

Whoever’s turn it is, they put a card from their hand to any space on the board (no guest cards must be on this location). The player immediately receives the buffet plates of the selected field and places it face up in front of them. Note: If something is displayed on a buffet plate several times, it will be counted that number of times when the game ends!

It is possible that now - as described below - to have arranged one or more dances when the player's turn ends. They draw a new guest card from their stack into their hand. It’s now the next player’s (in clockwise order) turn.


If a guest card is surrounded on all four sides by other guest cards (or the sidelines), the enclosed guest dances with an adjacent guest of the opposite sex.

Note: It does not matter which Nationality the partner has. If there is more than one partner of the opposite sex to choose from, they dance with the partner with the highest point value. If there are several suitable partner with the highest points value, the player who’s turn it is decides which of those candidates dances with the enclosed guest.

The scores of the two partner are added together. Both involved players each receive the full sum as points and move their scoring markers on the scoring track accordingly forward. If only one player is involved in the dance (either because both are of the same country or one is a white host - the player gets the points only once).

Once the points are awarded, the two participating guest cards are flipped.

If several dances are triggered, the player decides on the number who dances first. If the enclosed guest surrounded only by guests of his sex, he has no dance partner.

Game end and scoring:

The game ends when all players have played their last guest card and established how many points each player received for the dances. Now their success is also counted at the buffet: For each complete set from 5 different flavors, there are 5 points. The 5 delicacies are: cheese, shrimp rolls, Sachertorte, caviar, and cigar. Champagne is considered a joker. It can be used as any one of an item. Anything else brings no points.

The player with the most points, wins. In the event of a tie, all players tied share in the victory.
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