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Subject: Pennsylvania map: Building strategy loses to the track approach rss

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Norbert Chan
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Wow, so this is what you get for 100 pieces of gold.
Jean and I were watching Trevor, Don and Ken finish up a 3 player Pennsylvania board. I had not played with the ships before, so we set up for five players. Player order was Jean, myself, Trevor, Don and Ken. One mistake we had made in the earlier games, in the first round, you only get one play, not two, and Trevor had found that out.

Trevor’s first turn was to discard a card to throw away a ship, and Ken copied him, while I built a building in Boston. Now going first, Trevor was able to build a port and a ship.

One thing we noticed quickly was that in a 5 player game, the building spaces are limited. I was playing the cards I was dealt without any real strategy and it showed. While everyone else had an early ship, I built a late ship, and it never finished, leaving $12 behind.

Trevor was building most of his cotton mills, and he had the most buildings on the board, so it looked like he was winning. Ken was keeping pace with a couple ships and lots of track. Don was generating a lot of cash as well, but Trevor’s approach of building a cotton mill and waiting for an opportune time to sell looked good. But when we counted it was:

Ken 22(10 $, 40$ track for 10 VP, 12 building)
Trevor 21 (10$ 12 $track for 4 VP, 17 building),
Don 20 (24$, $16 track for 8 VP, 12 building),
Jean 19 (11 $, $35 track for 9 VP, 10 building),
Norbert 16 ($1 cash, 1 loan 43 $ track for 6 VP, 10 building).

I am yellow, wasting time to build to Pennsylvania having been seduced by the coal track, and I have an unfinished ship. Trevor (green) has 9 buildings for 17 VPs, while Ken (red) has good buildings and track. Don is purple and Jean is blue.

Ken had a lot of track in the New Haven area, for $6 a track, and that turned out to be the difference.
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