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I think the lava base fit the theme of Claustrophobia very well and as I was asked how to do them and it seemed to be a little too complicate without pictures I now have done some work and wrote this step by step instruction.

It really is easy to do. I am no expert in miniature painting so have fun if you like the result

material: 1 brush size 2 (whatever you like) and as colours:

1) a pigment rich colour as base or your base is coated. I used Vallejo Smokey ink but you can really use anything.

2) Three bright lava colours. I used two different orange to red colours and yellow. Vallejo GC Hot Orange, Orange Fire & Moon Yellow
3) Citadel Technical Martian Ironearth. I needed 1 and a half bins for base game+ de profundis + extra demons
4) black

step 1:

paint the base 2x with colour 1. Dont forget the edges. Let it dry.

step 2:

Paint the base in the darkest lava colour. It does not need to completely cover.Let it dry.

step 3

Now use as much paint as possible. In the end it is more like a lake of colours. First apply the darkest lava paint, then fill as much spots with the brighter Lava colour and at last sprinkle certain parts with Yellow. Do everthing in one step without letting anything dry. Dont forget the edges.

Again use lots of paint and let everything dry. Should take some time.

step 4

At this step I recommend doing one miniature at a time until its finished because of the small time window.

Apply Citadel Martian Ironearth to the base and the edges. How thick you have to find out but not like classic painting more dipping paint thickly onto the base. Lava colours have to be completely covered. Leave some areas little less thick so it produces more crackles.

Only if you want leave small areas without Ironearth for a lava puddle or stream.

Use the Hairdryer ca. 10-20seconds so it is a bit dry but does not crackle. Not much longer.

step 5

Very carefully paint everything black without much paint (except the lava puddle/ stream. That gets left out.) If the black is too thick to do this just put some black wash into it. I used Vallejo GC black and it worked fine.

step 6

Now instantly use the hairdryer maybe 2-4min from all sides and the Ironearth will produce the rifts and crackles. Beware the miniature will also get soft but soon gain the normal rigidity. If it gets too hot take a short break so the miniature will stabilise again.

Voila you have finished your first lava base Claustrophobia miniature

searching demon finished:

Step 3-6 in one image:

I have now finished all base game + de profundis + some extra demon miniatures. At first I did not want to paint the heroes bases but imo it fits the theme as they are going into the demons territory.

some images:

searching demon:


de Profundis (hell hounds did get a wash and dry brush):


So I hope you have fun and if you have questions well ask. I am happy to help

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Got to try with my Ashardalon dragon
Thanks a lot for sharing
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