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Subject: My custom changes/Rules Additions rss

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Christopher Swancara
United States
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I dug up my copy of G:KWW after 3 plus years, printed the updated rules and a number of the fan-made expansion boards and cards, and even bought some 3" Gashapon figures (a little big for the game but they look WAY better than the base game figs). I got a game in today (Sunday) and found the game to be enjoyable. However, I felt there were a few things that needed to be changed based on my experience playing again. I'll include the subject, at hand, my complaint/beef with it, and my change to the rule.

1) Environment Deck: Environment Cards have little to no influence on the game! For a deck of 54 cards, I (and three other players) felt not enough Environment Cards were being activated. Here is what I propose:
"When a player has completed all their actions (has no more Action Points or "Passes"), they now roll a D6 against the Environment deck and apply the effect as normal."

2)Buildings and Destruction Points: I feel that destroying buildings is way too easy. Players would just start off attacking buildings without ever attacking another monster. What's the point of a Godzilla game if all you have to do to win is knock down buildings? Here is what I propose:
I) "When melee attacking a building (using only the Size and Strength Card), your final roll result (after die modifications) against the building must be at least +1 higher than the level of the building. Ex: You need a 5+ roll to destroy a 4 Story Building.
II) This is a new rule I propose to add some thematic element to the game. Throwing vehicles at buildings: "If you perform the Throw Object Attack Card, you can throw a vehicle at building. You score the points for the vehicle, in addition to the vehicle attacking you, and role the die. You need a 4+ on the role to score a hit. The thrown vehicle does NOT destroy the building outright but, instead, will remove one level from the building on a role of 4-5, and two levels on a 6+. Ex: you throw a tank at a 3 story building and roll a 3, the building is now a 2 story building.
III)Moving through buildings: Being able to move through multiple buildings in a single turn, I feel, generates Destruction points way too easily. Here is what I propose: if a Kaiju moves through a building, after paying the energy cost, they must stop on that space and end their turn. If it has energy points available, on the next turn, it may move out as normal.

3)Actions (Movement and Battle, especially): Being able to move and attack repeatedly, in a single turn, just did not sit well with me. I feel being limited to one attack, per turn, will add some more critical choice making. Here is what I propose: "When you declare actions, you can make as many move actions as you wish but ONLY one attack (ranged or melee) per turn in the following ways. a) Movement then Melee Attack b) Melee Attack then Movement c) Ranged 4 Attack *if you make a Ranged 4 attack, this is your only action for the turn* d) You can purchase Event Cards any time during your turn in addition to the previous three options."
Note: Going back to Point 2-III, if a movement action would place your Kaiju through a building, your turn is now over.

4) Defense against Ranged attacks: This more of a clarification/interpretation of the fan made Ranged Defense Cards. Some of the Ranged Defense Cards have status effects that could not, possibly, be inflicted against a non-adjacent opponent. The Retreat Effect is the only effect that the defender can benefit from in Ranged Defense, which allows the defender to move away from an attacking Kaiju up to 2 spaces.

Okay...those are my thoughts and suggestions. I'll find some time to play test these myself and see how they feel but I think they will make the game more interesting and fun. Otherwise, the rest of the game (updated rules) feels good!
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