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Episode 43 of your Last Reminder to back some cool games.
Covering: Monday, July 4th - 7PM CET to Wednesday, July 6th - 7PM CET

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Featuring (Amongst Others): Neverland's Legacy, Royal Steward, Death Wish, Into the Black: Boarding Party, Symbaroum & Nova Cry.

Sad Kickstarter Story: Into the Black: Boarding Party
RPG of the Week: Symbaroum

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Miniatures Related Projects

3D Bases Modular Terrain [No BGG Link at Time of Release]
First, the incredibly good-looking terrain tiles from Manor House Workshop are ending. Their ruined Abbey set is very high on my wishlist, so I might pull the trigger on that today still. It just looks tremendous! The abbey itself is 88 EUR, but there’s so many other options to choose from as well, you could fill your entire table with this.

WWII British 25 Pounder [No BGG Link at Time of Release]
PSC’s Biggest plastic Kit to date, the WWII British 25 pounder cannon has raised plenty of money! It comes in two sizes and you can add on a huge amount of other wargear to your pledge, so if you’re looking for something for your upcoming wargame, this might be the place!

Board Games

Neverland's Legacy
Board Games next. Neverland’s Legacy, the co-op skirmisher set in the wonderful world of Peter Pan and the Lost Boys is getting made! Save all those lost boys (or prevent them from being saved if you play as Captain Hook) in this pretty looking board game. It’s 65 CAD and you can add 12 metal miniatures to the game for 55 extra.

Royal Steward
I’m quite glad that Royal Steward is Making it! The game where you have a year to impress your king when you play as one of no less than 55 occupations! Talk about replayability! A deeply strategic homegrown game like no other can be yours for 68 USD.

Party / Miscellaneous Games

Death Wish
Death wish is a party card game (though party is a bit of an overstatement if you know the theme) where you have to catch diseases wo win. Get Afflicted, Gain Symptoms, Contract Diseases & Suffer Outbreaks: All part of the party! I personally like the artwork, especially the slick box. Death Wish is 20 GBP.

Sad KS Story - Into the Black: Boarding Party
The sad Kickstarter story is about Into The Back. The game of space piracy looked the part I thought and I really imagined it being more successful as it was. The Pirates from I Will Never Grow Up games will retreat for now, but they said they will be back and I surely hope so! I mean, space pirates! But for now no Space Piracy… and that’s sad.

The RPG Spotlight - Symbaroum: Thistle Hold - Wrath of the Warden
The RPG Spotlight This time (Look, I found a new title for it) is Symbaroum: Thistle Hold - Wrath of the Warden. It raised a ridiculous amount of Swedish Crowns (which if you divide it by ten is still a proper amount of euros). The English version of this swedish gem, where you join the hunt for the Throne of Thorns is coming to the tabletops and with another sixe books to follow, the future looks bright for the guys at Jarnringen! The first book of Symbaroum is 299 SEK for Digital copies and physical copies come from 349.

Expansions, reprints, relaunches and Upgrades:

Nova Cry (Reprint):
The Nova Cry Reprint is coming! The 2nd print run for this sci-fi card game that tries to put all the aspects of a Big 4X board game into a deck of cards (and they apparently succeeded, because well, there’s a new print run coming) can be yours for 29 USD for the base game and there’s several new expansions you can add to the game as well!
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