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Subject: New Update: Independents' Day rss

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Stephen Harkleroad
United States
Butler, PA
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Happy 4th of July! What better way to celebrate the founding of our nation than to reflect the hot mess of an election we have this year?

As always, if you haven't downloaded any files yet, they've all been updated, so just follow the instructions on the "Print and Play Instructions" forum thread. If you have downloaded the previous files, you'll only need to download the file marked "Independent's Day Update" that has the changed cards.

Note: Two of the issues have changed, so you'll need to also download the Token sheet. There are blank tokens, though, so if you've previously downloaded the file you can just write on the blank ones if you like instead of printing out the whole thing again.

New Rules:

*Gary Johnson: Gary Johnson may come into play once any player wins the Libertarian Demographic. Acting as a spoiler, the player who "wins" Johnson each turn may try and unlock new states, remove support for unlocked states, or draw more resources. See the new Rules for information.
*Updated examples to reflect new cards and issues.

New VPs:
*Tim Kaine replaces Jim Webb.
*Corey Booker replaces Martin O'Malley
*Updated Julian Castro

New Issues:
*Gun Control replaces Climate Change
*Free Trade replaces Unemployment

New Events:
*Orlando Shooting replaces School Shooting (complete replacement)
*Brexit replaces UN Summit (minor change)
*Maine replaces High-Profile Crime Spree (complete replacement)
*Flint Water Crisis replaces Congressional Scandal (complete replacement)
*Congressional Sit-In replaces Climate Talks (complete replacement)
*Updated Factory Closure and Poor Economic Report to reflect Free Trade replacing unemployment
*Updated Third Party Surge to reflect new Gary Johnson rules

New Cards:
*Dogwhistle Politics replaces Values Voters Turnout (complete replacement)
*Benghazi replaces Veterans Support (minor update)
*Paul Ryan Support replaces Reince Prebius (complete replacement)
*Bernie or Bust replaces Declaration of Faith (complete replacement)
*America First replaces Establishment Support (complete replacement)
*State Department Email Scandal replaces Southern Strategy (complete replacement)
*Updated Lock and Load (reflects new Gun Control issue)

*The Woman Card replaces Feminist Support (updated, slightly stronger)
*Massive Ad Purchase replaces Environmentalist Support (complete replacement)
*Updated Urban Vote Turnout (slightly stronger, reflects Gun Control)
*Updated Union Support to reflect Free Trade

Replaced Talking Point issue cards for Free Trade and Gun Control for both parties

*Marco Rubio's special ability should affect Hispanics, not Immigration.
*Certain cards had Supreme Court as an issue instead of Climate Change. The point is moot since they've both been updated to Gun Control.

On Notice:
I haven't made these changes yet, but they probably will be happening:

Swing States: As I mentioned in a previous thread, I'm keeping a close eye on the swing states. The problem is that there are probably going to be new swing states this year that normally wouldn't be thanks to the...unique campaign of Donald Trump, and this game is supposed to reflect the situation where you could be running as Rubio or Cruz (or Biden or Sanders, for that matter). It's hard to know what states are already undergoing a change under normal circumstances and which are just changing because of Trump.

So as of right now, I haven't made any swing state changes yet. What I will probably end up doing is taking those states that look like unusual swing states this year (Georgia, Arizona, etc) and drastically reducing their Unlock value. We'll see how the year goes.

Trump VP: It is highly unlikely that any of the listed VP candidates will be one that Trump picks, and there's no front runner (as of this writing, Chris Christie, Newt Gingrich, and Mike Pence all have roughly equal chances, it seems, along with the possibility of Jeff Sessions and Mary Fallin.) None of these are viable for the other candidates, so I hesitate to put more than one. Chances are I'll do a mini-update after the announcement, since the next update will probably be after both conventions. Because of this, you may want to keep one of the blank cards under the GOP handy and just use it as a proxy instead of having to print out a whole new thing.
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