Simon Franks
United Kingdom
Devon, England
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4th July 1941

Commanding Elements, Royal Romanian Armoured Div.: Capitan M.Wallescu

Commanding Elements, 16th Soviet Tank Div.: Comrade Colonel S. Frankovski


5 platoons of Romanian R-2 tanks with infantry support roll across the prut river. Just east of the small town of Brinzani, intelligence reports indicate a Russian tank division will likely meet them head on, so they deploy for battle. The R-2 platoons form a core defensive blockade across the roadway, with AT support and Motorised infantry coming up quickly behind with the intention of digging in behind the armoured platoons. 2 motorcycle recon platoons are sent to keep an eye on the North and South flanks of the armoured units.

Front elements of the Soviet division observe the Romanian deployment, and report the situation to the divisional commander, who immediatley orders a massed combined arms strike over the North flank of the Romanian Line, hopefully out-maneuvering the Romanians with the intention of driving towards the town of Brinzani, then encircling. and attacking the enemy in their rear.


A sound like Thunder reverberates through the crisp mornig air as the artillery battery supporting the Romanian advance opens fire on the lead Soviet platoons. Trucks and men scatter as several soviet units are disrupted by the enemy barrage, slowing the forward momentum of the Russian attack. The Romanian commander reacts quickly to the Russian drive and sends most of his units towards the north-east in an attempt to stifle the attack and cut off the lead elements. Several russian units (mostly T-26 light tanks and supporting infantry) break off to pin the intercepting Romanians, and a bloody assault ensues. Initially the Russians do well, causing chaos and blunting the Romanian counter. A Russian Mortar Battery sets sets up with a good field of vision some way behind the front line.


The artillery barrage continues and becomes more accurate, demoralizing and disrupting along the Russian attack line. 3 infantry platoons rout and flee towards the east. Momentum in the attack is slowed to a slog, and the battle hangs in the balance, front russian elements trying to druive forward towards the lightly defended North flank. The T-26 platoons and supporting infantry take heavy losses, but manage to pin the Romanian counter thrust.


The Russians finally hit the North flank hard, T-28 tanks, HMGs and infantry pushing back and annihilating the Motorcycle platoons and decimating 2 platoons of R-2's. However, to the south, the Russian pinning force crumbles under the weight of immense pressure and good use of combined arms.


After much bloody fighting, the Russians finally break through towards Brinazani, but tgake heavy losses in the process. Not having enough impetus or the strength of numbers to turn south and strike at the Heart of the enemy, the main body find some good cover in Farmland and Dig In.

The Romanian commander sees the futility of trying to dig out the Russians in the remaining time, and offers a ceasefire and a DRAW.
The Russian commander, due mainly to Heavy casualties, accepts.

[Great, Hard fought scenario, Great game. Nicely balanced, I thought.]
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