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Subject: my Scorpead deck rss

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mar hawkman
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For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory
Scorpead deck

Ships: 33
Scorpead ships: 28
s2-4 Escort
s3-1 Destroyer
s4-4 Minesweeper
s4-3 Science Ship
s5-4 Light Cruiser
s5-4 Scout Cruiser
s6-2 Command Cruiser
s6-1 Heavy Cruiser
s7-2 Battlecruiser
s8-1 Dreadnought
s9-2 Battleship

other ships: 5
s1-1 Personal Cruiser
s5-2 Vektrean Heavy Cruiser
s6-1 Nagiridni Pirate Cruiser
s6-1 Vektrean Battlecruiser

Crew: 14
c1-2 Sysop
c2-1 Engineer
c3-1 Technician
c4-4 Cyber Mage
c5-1 Captain
c5-1 Weapons Officer
c6-1 Operations Officer
c6-2 Rogue Couple
c7-1 Criminal Judge

Equipment: 16
e1-1 Shield Refit
e2-1 Phaser Refit
e3-1 Cargo
e4-1 Heavy Phaser Refit
e4-4 Main Bridge
e4-1 Survey Shuttle
e5-1 Robotic Crew
e6-1 Time Capsule
e7-2 Phaser Magnifier Refit
e8-1 Starburst Accelerator
e8-1 Time Machine
e9-1 Future Ship

Hazards: 10
h1 Time Warp
t/h2 Plasma Field
h3 Small Minefield
h4 Sargassos
h5 Time Trap
h6 Large Minefield
h7 Time Tornado
h8 Anti-Time Mine Field
h9 Shield Resonance Wave
h10 Time Warp

Luck: 13
l2-1 Phaser Malfunction
l2-1 Warp Engine Breech
l2-2 Lucky Targeting
l3-4 Pirate's Cache
l4-1 Parallel Universe
l5-1 Heavy Weapons Backfire
l5-1 Temporal Loophole
l6-2 Pirate's Cache

Monsters: 5
m1-5 Sextaraan Web Crawlers

Occurence: 12
o1-1 Breakdown
o2-1 Travel Agency
o3-5 Early Warning Beacon
o4-1 Repair Delivery
o5-2 Derelict Spacecraft
o5-2 Time Expansion

Terrain: 21
t1-1 Small Moon
t2-3 Forgotten Planet
t2-1 Planet of Ill Repute
t2-1 Small Moon - Corporate
t2-1 Star
t3-1 Minor Planet - Bosheegh
t3-1 Crystal Planet
t3-1 Repair Moon
t4-1 Planet - Muckstra
t4-1 Planet - Nrutas
t4-1 Small Planet - Bolaar IV
t5-1 Storage Moon
t5-1 Small System - Cramannerak
t6 - missing
t7-1 System - Argo
t7-1 Moon - Scorpead Dominated Moon
t8-1 Planet - Massive Ore Planet
t8-1 System - Scandig
t9-1 Shinnicera
t10 Stefania

this is not a fully tricked out deck. also some of the terrain might be missing. At least the T6. 21 out of 124 is a bit low given that there are several weak terrain. The basic strat is to use hard hitting ships that need few resources to operate.
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Dan Mixer
United States
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Link for the win!
I have never been able to get a decent Scorp deck going. Seems the time 'building' your ships puts you at a disadvantage early on.
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mar hawkman
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For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory
Part of the trick is to play upgrades the turn AFTER you play the ship.

A ship with E9 Future ship attached is a magnet for trouble. But you can slap on future ship right before you get ready to attack.

It's because the equip has no engagement cost thus it is considered to come into play engaged. So my turn order can look like:

Turn 1: play terrain
Turn 2: play ships
Turn 3: equip ships, then attack with the shiny new weapons

for more:
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mar hawkman
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For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory
hmm.. needs one terrain, I guess I'll go with:
T6 star cluster - Omega Centauri
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