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Episode 60 of your Weekdays Update on what Games are New on Kickstarter.
Wednesday, July 6th.

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Featuring (Amongst Others): Moonshot: Lunar Solace, Darkness Sabotage, Airships of Oberon, Pod-X, ABXY & Alienish.
(Some projects don't have a BGG page yet at the start of the campaign.)

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Introduction Overview
Alright, I really don’t want to do this but from now on I simply just have to start doing a bit of pre-sorting on the first roll podcast on some days. There’s a multitude of reasons for that, but time is the most significant one. I'm not going into my sorting methods, but most of it will relate to 'Incomplete Campaigns'.

Miniature Related Projects

The Unknowing Dead [No BGG Link at Time of Release]
Phoenix Miniatures is bringing a core box full of Eastern Western Hybrid miniatures! 4 Hell Paladins, Fei Dao and an abomination all are heading your way in 35mm scale for use with any wargame! This box, which will be expanded with stretch goals (or they could be add-ons, not sure) will cost you 65 AUD.
Ends Tuesday 07-26

Board Games

Racket Wars [No BGG Link at Time of Release]
First, Racket Wars. it’s an open world, strategic and fast paced dice rolling game in a maffia setting. Try to control as much business in town, doing what crime lords do and love (I suppose). A Noir sandbox Maffia adventure with Racket Wars! It’s 9 EUR for the PnP or 45 for the boxed game.
Ends Tuesday 08-09

Moonshot: Lunar Solace
In Moonshot - Lunar Solace is a fast-paced dice-driven race through space. Try winning the annual MoonShot race for control over what’s left of the human race. A Light strategic game for the Whole family! Moonshot - Lunar Solace is 35 USD.
Ends Friday 08-12 Pre

Rad Rod Race [No BGG Link at Time of Release]
Rad Rod Race is a board game that will put you in the position of a car mechanic trying to make a darn cool hot rod out of scrap metal. A game that incorporates elements of traditional board games, card games, racing games and component building. Run around the junkyard board and get the parts you need for a cool looking car and then take it to the streets in Rad Rod Race! It will cost you 75 AUD.
Ends Tuesday 07-26

Darkness Sabotage
Darkness - Sabotage is a sci-fi co-op space crawler of Pirates vs. Demons. It’s already nearly funded as I bring this show to you and that’s probably because the minis look, well.. Pretty awesome! Breach the ship, sabotage it and try to get out live, but the latter is not a necescity! Darkness - Sabotage is 127 CAD.
Ends Friday 08-05

Airships of Oberon
The Airships of Oberon campaign is there! After being postponed for a little bit, the Ultimate steampunk board game is on Kickstarter! Race to the anti-magnetic flux artifacts to become the flux master and then complete your final Quest! Airships of Oberon is 10 CAD for a PnP or 64 for a boxed version.
Ends Friday 08-05 Pre

Card Games

In Pod-X, your spaceship is crashing down and you must find the last escape pod. Use your brain to deduce the secret Win Condition card and then try to meet it! A game designed by Daniel Solis and Published by Jason Tagmire will cost you 3USD for the PnP or 10 for a physical copy!
Ends Saturday 07-16
PnP Available

Dino Rumble [No BGG Link at Time of Release]
Dino Rumble is a card game with odd, but funny looking dinosaurs. No clue how to play it though. All I can tell you that it’s 15CAD.
Ends Thursday 08-04

NACG - Not Another Card Game [No BGG Link at Time of Release]
Not Another Card Game or NACG for short is a card game… The Irony. A simple yet complex Trading Card Game in development where players battle creatures mano a beasto with Objects and magic to further the battle.
Ends Thursday 08-04

Next: ABXY. it’s a speedy card game inspired by Legendary Monster Battles. Huge battles are fought out with a small amount of cards, forcing you to use the strategic thinking you can to outwit your opponent! Big Beast Battles with ABXY. It’s 15 USD.
Ends Wednesday 07-27 Pre
PnP Available

Black Market Bonanza [No BGG Link at Time of Release]
Black Market Bonanza is a fantasy card game where you are a seller on the black market… of magic. A witty card game full of all manner of merchantry madness! Will you become the best salesman of the land? Find out in Black Market Bonanza!
Ends Friday 08-05

Castle Loot [No BGG Link at Time of Release]
Next, Castle Loot! A dexterity game about going through a dungeon trying to catch all the treasure you can, but watch out that you don’t carry too much or you’ll lose everything you own! Sharpen your reflexes with Castle Loot! It’s 20 CAD!
Ends Monday 08-01 Pre

And the final card game is Alienish. A Light and fun card game about who can learn an alien language the quickest! Think fast and make sure you remember everything well because your language skills are about to be tested. Are you the one who can say the Alien words the quickest? You win the round! Alienish is 18 AUD.
Ends Wednesday 08-03

Party / Miscellaneous Games

Foodies [No BGG Link at Time of Release]
Foodies is a Social Party Game about creating the perfect recipe where you’ll have to cook something up with the ingredients give to you! A Gourmet Judge will then decided who created the best possible recipe! Foodies is 25 USD.
Ends Monday 07-18

Role Playing Games

Castles and Crusades - The Hallowed Oracle [No BGG Link at Time of Release]
The Hallowed Oracle is an RPG that consists of two books and a map. A 200+ page adventure book with enough adventures and background to take your characters through level 1 to 5, A player’s Guide, which introduces new classes and their variants, spells and even a set of House rules the designer uses. The Map is a 12 by 18 inch full color map of the Mortal Realms. So basically it has a lot! There’s also pretty cool terrain to be added. Check it out for yourselves!
Ends Thursday 08-11
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