John Hansel
United States
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In 2014 Geister, Geister, Scatzsuchmeister! (Ghost Fightin' Treasure Hunters in English) won the Kinderspiel. The game was never released in the U.S. but will be this year (2016).

The Ghostbusters game is a re-theming of the original game from Brian Yu. I like Paul Feig as a director and appreciate what he has done for females. He has written real and funny female characters over the past 5 or so years. The movie, while a great idea, looks to be lacking from the previews so far. Hopefully, this game will not.

In Ghostbusters you play one of the new characters from the reboot coming out in a few weeks. Rowan, a ghost from the new film, has littered the Mercado building with ghost energy portals of some type. If the Ghostbusters cannot recover the portals before 6 rooms are haunted, evil wins. Or if the Ghostbusters are trapped in haunted rooms, the game ends.


Turns are very simple but engaging in this game all while using a roll and move mechanic.

1. Roll movement die.
2. Reveal ghost card unless you rolled a 6.
3. Move
4. Recover ghost portal
5. fight

If you enter a room with a ghost you must fight it. You fight it by rolling a battle die. If you roll a ghost symbol, the ghost is removed from the room. If you don't roll a ghost, the only consequence is that you don't get to remove a ghost. If three ghosts are introduced to a room, the room becomes haunted.

Haunted rooms require at least two Ghostbusters and a green ghost symbol to remove. Ghostbusters in a haunted room with a portal token may not leave until the room is no longer haunted.

The game ends if 6 rooms are haunted, if all Ghostbusters are alone in a haunted room, or if all 8 tokens/energy portals are recovered.

There are four modules that come with the game. Basic, advanced (recover the tokens in sequential order while adding some cards), basic with Rowan, and advanced with Rowan.


The rulebooks to this version and the original are almost identical. In other words the game plays exactly the same.

The original had a basic and an advanced module. This game has a basic, an advanced, and two other ways to play with Rowan.

Rowan is a mini-figure that comes with the game. He cannot be defeated and he comes up when his card is revealed from the deck. Basically, he presents a challenge because he makes it easier for rooms to be haunted. He counts as a ghost in the three ghost limit and moves around the board.

The components and artwork are a bit different than the original for obvious reasons. The ghosts in this game do not stay up very easily. I cannot speak to the original game because I haven't played it, but if the board gets bumped even a bit, the ghosts topple over. This was pretty annoying to me but not a deal breaker.

The cards are the small 7 Wonders Duel type cards. The artwork on them is very cheesy. My 7 seven year old used the word cute, but I prefer the artwork from the original cards based on the images I have seen.

This game comes with one battle die as opposed to two from the original. In the original game, you got to roll two identical battle dice if you entered a room with another Ghostbuster. In this game you roll the one battle die two times. Again, not a deal breaker and it is essentially the same thing but for some reason I prefer the idea of rolling two dice to rolling one die two times.


If you are desperate to play the original Kinderspiel winner, this is the same game. The addition of Rowan is nice and presents a different challenge. I got a copy because I wasn't sure with the U.S. version of Ghost Fightin' Treasure Hunters would come out.

My son who is not normally a gamer has requested this game and enjoys it quite a bit which is pretty high accolades.

I get the feeling that the movie will be a flop, they'll only make a certain number of this game, and it will become a collector's piece. This is of course pure speculation.

The game can be purchased from Amazon for $20 currently. Here is the link...
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Robert Cannon
United States
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It is more likely that, if the movie is a flop, there will be a ton of copies in the discount bins within the next few months. Big companies print a bunch of copies at once. I'll pick this up if I can get a cheap copy, but I like the art in Ghost Fightin' Treasure Hunters much better.
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