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Subject: Shades of The Caribbean Part 1 rss

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Adam Trezise
United Kingdom
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Captain Wolf Jones was dead. The Pirate Brethren had sent the four most promising pirates to Wolf’s last location to try to recover his lost logbook, which was said to contain, among other things, the location of his vast treasure horde…

Ivy, the Captains Daughter, who had a rather personal interest in her father’s demise, rowed the boat along the calm ocean towards the shore of a remote island, wondering why the three men accompanying her weren’t assisting.

Ace Rogers, the Lookout, who Ivy had known since she was born, was staring out along the horizon, the way they had come and kept going on about a storm coming and that he had a bad feeling about their situation.

The Surgeon, a Doctor Connors, who Ivy felt was one of the most deviant characters she’d ever met, was clutching at his medical bag whilst hiding (very poorly) his urge to vomit over the sides

At the head of their small vessel for four, was Wesley, The Avenger, a romanticised version of a pirate who had not stopped speaking about the horrors and evils he would vanquish so that he could find his one true love…

…needless to say the journey so far had not been a great start to their partnership.

Before the boat was even at the shore, Wesley had jumped out, swam to the beach and bolted into the dense forest. The other two men looked at each other and then did the same, leaving Ivy to get the boat in by herself. “Typical men!” She shouted aloud to no-one in particular.

The stakes were high, whomever was able to find the logbook would most likely be the one the crew would look to to be the next Captain.

Wesley knew that to reach his long lost love he would need to become Captain of a Vessel to pilot to his love, and to do that he’d need to gain the respect of a crew. How better to do that, than finding the dead captains logbook? Things were going well for Wesley as he discovered a large coin purse just lying on the ground – without thinking any more of it he picked it up and came across a temple, surrounding the temple were royal marines. Applying a poison of his own design upon his sword, Wesley rushed into battle.

Ace Rogers, the Lookout, had been quite fond of Captain Wolf Jones. They’d spent many a night talking about their adventures, their dreams and their regrets. One night the Captain, in a drunken stupor, had made Ace promise that he’d never let the Captains daughter Ivy, make the same mistakes as they had, and to ensure that she was married off or shipped back to England if anything ever happened to him.

Well something had happened to the Captain, and although Ace tried to dissuade Ivy, it was no good, she felt she had to prove something and Ace knew it was very hard to change a young woman’s mind when she had it set on something – the only way to keep her out of trouble, he thought, would be to claim the captaincy for himself.

As he moved through the dense jungle, he found a trail which he followed. At the end of the trail was a lone soldier inspecting a very large pit. With one shot from Ace’s musket, the soldier fell down the large chasm, after a moment, there was a large thud. If the musket didn’t kill him, the fall would have.

Gunfire! Doc Connors headed the opposite direction of it, not out of fear, but what he would call “self preservation”. As he moved onward, he came across three soldiers guarding the a severely wounded man.

Connors couldn’t believe his eyes, the man, was none other than Captain Wolf’s Boatswain and Judging by his injuries, this man didn’t have long left for the world. More than anything, the Doctor needed to find the location of that treasure, so he set upon attacking the soldiers. For a doctor, he was quite proficient in combat, having battled various horrors in the past that revisited him at night when he was alone.

The Doc dispatched two of them, as he turned, he saw the third running in for the kill, but as he ran towards Connors, the soldiers’ chest exploded outwards covering the Doc in a mix of blood and gore.

As the soldier fell to the floor, Ivy Jones stood behind him and reloaded her pistol. “You’re welcome”

Ivy moved to the boatswain, who was able to tell her with his dying breath, that an officer was on the island who had the logbook. The Boatswain had always been kind to Ivy and she felt a real pain in his demise.

Whilst she was distracted however, Doc Connors had already recovered his composure. He moved silently behind her, his hand on the hilt of his sword. As he began to unsheathe it, his eyes caught the shape of a new figure in the clearing. Ace Rogers had returned and with that, the Doctor smiled a false smile, and abandoned his plan

Surveying the men in the clearing with her, she thought it woudl be best to move onward to find the Officer, and find him she did. In the very next clearing a squad of soldiers were escorting him towards their rowboat. Ivy took no time at all and shot at the Officer, taking his hat clean off of his head.

The officer span round, grabbing for where his hat had once been. As soon as he saw her and the two pirates that had just moved in line behind her, he decided the best course of action was to bravely retreat.

Gun fire, sword clashes and death. The four soldiers lied on the ground in pools of their own blood. The Officer had been dispatched also, Ivy was quicker than the other two to pick up the Logbook.

She smiled to herself, realising that she had jut secured herself as the new Captain, or at least, she had as long as she carried the logbook. With this sudden realisation, a new plan formulated in her head… she needed to get back to the ship, with the logbook, before the others were able to take it from her. She suddenly sprinted off in the direction that the officer had been running, knowing he’d have a boat she could use to get her back to the ship before the others.

As she came out of the forest, she found the boat she had been looking for, surrounded by four soldiers and an officer.

The officer was surprised to see her but his keen training forced his hand, he reached for his gun, only to have his head shot clean off. The Soldiers looked nervously around, and spotted Ace, musket in hand, in the tree line.

In lieu of an officer to give them orders, the four men ran towards the pirates, swords drawn, but Ace, Doc Connors and Ivy easily outmatched them in combat.

The three of them took a moment to catch their breath, when out of the trees Wesley appeared, a little bruised, a cut on his arm, but smiling nonetheless

“What did I miss?” he smirked
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