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Subject: You have failed me for the last time rss

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Jooice ZP
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A little while ago as a culmination of other discussions in a different thread I made an extra action card that could be played with Vader.
It looks like this:

and can be found in the file section here:

Well so I have played with this card a few times now, and I would like to tell you of the turn of events in which the card took place.

Just for clarification to use the Card, Vader has to be take from the leader pool after the Empire fails a mission to be played.

The game:
I played as the Rebels, my base was hidden on kashyyyk, all I had to do was survive the round and the Time marker would advance to hit the reputation marker. I only had Return of the Jedi card in my hand.
i had managed to successfully sabotage Saleucami and Toydaria, the empire had 2 large fleets one on malastare and the other on Cato Nemeodia, but he was lacking ground forces until the next round with an AT-ST in Malastare and an AT-AT with a few a couple of soldiers on Cato.
I also knew that he had been camping on Lure of the Dark side for a couple of turns.

I knew that if he attacked me head on the game might be lost, but figured I had a chance in the ground battle (I had 4 Speeders) this turn.

I had to urge myself not to be over confident and just treat this round as the last (win or lose).
So I assigned my missions.

My first mission was a misdirection with Rikeen in Malastare, I was hoping he would oppose it and his larger fleet would be stuck there, he did not, and I declared Han's mission to be a future success.

My opponent thought the base was on Kessel, but figured I would move the base, he decided to use Veers to move his fleet from Cato to Kashyyyk, covering all systems.

To his surprise he found the base and Luke the Jedi waiting for him. Why would I risk Luke? because I needed to survive, and the other leaders I had would not have cut it. I expected to have to fight more than one battle, and the results were far from certain.

Indeed the force was with Luke, he was able to take down a star destroyer and and on the ground kill all the Imperial soldiers leaving their At-AT smoking.
Then the Empire made a mistake in my opinion, they retreated, deciding that the battle was lost,a nd that they will come back later to finish the job.

On my turn I sent Dodanna on an innocent infiltration mission to Aldaraan , I was trying to use him as bait, it didn't work.

Boba Fett swarmed into Kashyyyk and captured Luke using his bounty mission, he moved him to Malastare.

I sent Mon Mothma into the system to aid Luke's upcoming struggle.
Sure enough the Emperor showed his true colors and tried to Lure Luke to the Dark side. But again the Force was with him, the Emperor's roll was defeated.

It all seemed lost for the Empire, but Darth Vader was relentless, he used the fan created action card shown above to kill the emperor and succeed where his former master had failed.
Luring Jedi Luke to the Dark side and causing the Rebellion to lose a reputation point.

This was the point I was waiting for.
With the units in the rebel base not being locked in by a leader (Luke being gone), Han led the strike team (the ground unit mission) into Malastare, his mission was an automatic success thanks to the misdirection from before, the 4 speeders made quick work of the lone AT-ST that Luke and Vader were commanding.

I played Return of the Jedi since Vader was in the system, and since Luke was also there this also marked the end of Vader and of the evil Empire.

So yes, I added a card into the game, that played a major role in the game's end, but in fact did not change the outcome of the game. The card helped the Empire reverse a dice roll they should have won, and it led to the same inevitable ending. But how cool was that!
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Ian Solo
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Sooooo thematic! Vader killing the Emperor and dying soon after. Did he ask Luke help to remove his mask so he could look on him with his own eyes?

Edit : typo
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Subudai (Pete) Khan
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Jooice, pretty impressive mate. Well done too with creating the card; great addition to the game.
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