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1] I have suggested this --
. . a] Art. = 4-4-1 @ $5, doesn't help Inf., but is quite powerful.
. . b] Tanks = 2-2-2 @ $4, slightly better than original Inf. when attacking [for the money] and much worse defending, but faster.
. . c] Inf. = 1-2-1 @ $3, good attacking and the best for defending [for the money].

. . Now I'm going to suggest --
. . . . a] Rus. Inf. = ½-3-1 @ $3, it takes 2 of them to roll one die with Hit# =1. An odd one left over could roll a 12d or 10d or two 6d and hit on a total of 2 or 3. This is worse attacking, but even better defending. They may not kill much attacking but they still die the same to protect the Art., Ftr, and Tanks.
. . [If you are still using the original Art. rule then 1 Art. helps 1 Inf. attacking. The " ½ " becomes a 2 for that Inf. the same as the 1 became a 2 before.]

. . . . b] The other nations can also buy them. Put them on a roundel to indicate this. The Rus. can buy the old kind, put them on a roundel.
Or, I trimmed a few of the bases of some Inf. into squares and triangles to make 2 types of Inf. [in my case Marines/Para and Motorized].

. . . . c] One thing this does is to make the Rus. Army quite a bit stronger when it is defending. It also makes them want to buy more Tanks, Ftr, and esp. Art. to do the killing while their Inf. does the dying during attacks. Ftr don't die defending the terr. after you capture it so they live longer, making them a better buy in that way. My Art. is better than a Ftr [in the short run] in that it is stronger attacking and stays to defend the Terr., but usually dies there.

2] The Blitz rule --
. . a] The current rule lets Tanks "Blitz" over unoccupied enemy terr. and capture them and keep moving into the next terr. This is not very useful because empty terr. are rare [except in Africa]. This is because players are moving their Inf. up slowly to the front, filling the terr. behind the front.
. . b] The speed of the Tanks is therefore not that useful. They just have a better "RR" ability to move from their IC to the front line to attack. So they get there sooner, which is useful but not shocking.
. . c] I suggest that you try this --
. . . . The rule -- "During your Non-combat Move Phase, Tanks [that have not moved yet in your turn] can make a combat move. They can move over a terr. that you just placed a roundel on and into the next terr. If it is empty it is captured. If it is defended then the Tanks attack it normally. Note, that planes can not join this attack."

3] The 2 hit BB is a game changer --
. . a] Therefore, I don't like them as a game element.
. . b] They change the game because they make Subs worth far less. One lucky Sub sneak attack hit on a force with a BB does nothing.
. . c] They also become too powerful when used in groups of 3 or 4. They absorb 3 or 4 hits before any accompanying ships are sunk.
. . d] So, go back to 1 Hit BB. Make them cheaper if necessary.
. . e] BB became 2 Hit ships because the MB game had no small cheap surface ship* to be used like Inf. to protect the BB and the BB were very expensive. Players invented the 2 Hit thing as a workaround. It was retained when A&A Revised was developed.

. . I have suggested that BB join the Subs and AA [on land] and fire in the 1st Fire Phase. Pieces that they Hit can't shoot back, except Subs and BB. This is for their long range guns.

. . If you keep 2 Hit BB at least, "At the end of the battle all damaged BB are immediately moved to the nearest IC of the owning nation or maybe friendly IC, where they are immediately repaired."

. * . There were Subs that couldn't hit planes and Trans that couldn't fire at all when attacking. In fact, it was maybe another workaround to let Trans die to protect the attacking BB and CV at all. When defending it was clear that Trans fought like all other ships.
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