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Adam Trezise
United Kingdom
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With the Island behind them and Captain Wolf Jones’ logbook in their possession, the crew of the Southern Belle head back to the pirate safe haven of Tortuga, under the new captaincy of Ivy Jones, Captain Wolfs’ daughter…

The crew were restless, Ace observed, a lot of them believed that it was bad luck to have a female captain, but Ivy had the logbook and had proved herself more than capable on the island. He decided that he’d stick as close as he could to her till they got to Tortuga, and then try again to change her mind about pursuing her father’s treasure.

Ivy was slunk in the chair of the Captains cabin, thinking of all that had passed. She should have been happy, she’d managed to get the logbook and was now recognised as Captain, her father she thought, would be proud… but ever since being alone with Doc Connors and the Lookout Ace, she had realised the true danger she was in. There was nothing stopping any one of them from taking the logbook – she needed a show of force, something to make them all realise that she was not someone to be trifled with.

Below decks Doc Connors was meeting with some of the other crew, he didn’t outright mention mutiny, but he had a way with words that enabled him to manipulate people into doing exactly what he wanted. With the Captains daughter out of the way, the logbook might fall into his lap.

Sturgeon, the biggest, meanest and most terrifying son of a bitch that Doc Connors had had the pleasure of meeting, had been talked into taking the captain out. The doctor didn’t especially want Ivy dead, but at the same time, he wasn’t going out of his way to protect her. As far as he was concerned, if he didn’t get his hand on Jones’ treasure, they’d all be dead anyway

The Southern Belle was heading out from the Island slowly, and Ace had one eye on the horizon for enemy vessels and one eye on the captains cabin, when the dashing rogue that was Wesley started towards it.

Ace was upon Wesley before he’d had a chance to get within a few feet of the door, a gun in either hand, pointed directly at the Avenger’s head. Wesley sighed and spoke in his usual eloquent manner.

“For a lookout, you don’t see a lot my good man. For instance, if you’d really been paying attention, you’d know that our good friend Doc Connors took a few of the more rowdy gentlemen that are on this ship, below decks. You’d also note that whilst you may have two guns on me, I have a poisoned dagger in your side. I need just break the skin and you’ll be on the floor before you’ve even had chance of thinking about pulling those triggers.”

Trying not to take his eyes off of the man, but having to, Ace looked down and sure enough, Wesley had a dagger that was dangerously close to piercing the skin.

“What were you doin’ going to see the Cap’n?” Ace inquired

“I was just going to ask what her plans were for us once we were in Tortuga, but I’d probably think she’d have more on her mind now”

“Oh and why is that?”

“Because there is a very tall, dangerous looking fellow, headed in this direction, with some equally dangerous looking men along for the ride”

Sure enough, Sturgeon, a trouble maker if there ever was one, was marching towards the captains cabin with a gaggle of irate crew flanking him. Doc Connors, was nowhere to be seen.

Ace and Wesley disengaged from each other and were about to talk to Sturgeon when the door to the captains cabin opened up and Ivy marched out.

“Ms Jones” Sturgeon began, but that was as far through his speech as he got. Ivy cut him short in his speech with her gun. There was a visible shake of the ship when the man that had been Sturgeon, hit the deck. There was silence, which Ivy broke

“Anyone else have a problem with my command?” she challenged “No? Then get back to work or you’ll be joining this one. Somebody clear this mess up.

Sturgeon was thrown over the side of the ship, and the sharks of the Caribbean feasted on him almost immediately.

The crew morale was now higher than ever, out of pure fear. Ace and Wesley shot each other a look and smiled to themselves.

A cold wind blew in that evening, causing Ace to shudder in the crows nest.

Wesley was watching him from below, when Doctor Connors came up beside him

“How long has he been up there?” Inquired Doc

“Why is that Doctor, are you concerned for his health?” Wesley smirked.

Doctor Connors was about to reply when Ace broke the tranquillity of the evening air “Galleon on the Starboard side… she’s coming right for us!”

A large Spanish Galleon was closing in on fast on them, dread crept into the hearts of the men, they were ill equipped to combat the threat, and had little chance of out running them.

Ivy burst out of her cabin, she had supposedly been sleeping, but it was obvious she’d not spent her time in the cabin in anything other than deep thought. “All hands, man your posts! Prepare the cannons lads!”

Connors sped over to Ivy “Miss Jones, we need to surrender… we have no hope of fighting them!”

Ivy shot the doctor a cold penetrating stare “It’s Captain to you Doctor, help if you can, otherwise get off my ship!”

The Galleon’s cannons were quick off of the mark, tearing through the Southern Belle’s mast and taking out some crew with it. Without the sails, the Belle was crippled, but this only strengthened Ivy’s resolve.

She sprang into action, grabbed the wheel, and span the ship round fast so that their cannons had something to aim at. “Fire!”

The Cannons hit home, but the damage was minimal, as another barrage of cannon balls torn into the side of the Southern Belle. Ivy looked up at the large ship bearing down upon them and felt a tug at her arm. It was the doctor again

“Miss Jon… I mean… Captain… we’re out gunned and we can’t out run that vessel – our only option”

Ivy let go of the wheel and struck Doc Connors square in the face, he fell backwards onto the deck, and spat out a tooth.

“If a tooth is the only thing you lose today, count yourself lucky” Ivy shouted at him.

That was the last thing she saw before the deck underneath her ruptured outwards, sending her flying through the air and into the icy water.

The fight lasted only a few moments, the Spanish Galleon crushed the pirate forces, Ivy’s Captaincy of the Southern Belle was over… and the ship itself sank to the bottom of the sea…
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Ted Flaherty
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Loves eurogames, but social deduction games are cool too!
Venice Carnivale 2015 (best costume seen)
Fun story (we just did mission 2 also and the Captain's Daughter also became the cCptain, strong character).

So the moral is don't attack the Galleon, presumably unless you're fully tricked out on sails, cannon, and crew...
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