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Subject: Objective cards thematically explained rss

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simon cogan
United Kingdom
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As a relatively new player who is having an absolute blast playing this game (and seeing how wonderfully layered and thematic it is with every new game), I was wondering if anyone has ever tried to explain all the objective cards' abilities from a thematic point of view?

For example, playing against 'Questionable Contacts' , I realised that what is happening is that you have gone to a cantina and found some 'questionable contacts' who you then pay (by damaging the objective) to attack your opponent's objective. Lovely theme there.

What do people think? When playing with my son, we love to make these things up!

Thematically - why are some objectives '2 resource'? is it because those objectives can thematically draw on more actual resources (like the Imperial navy), or that they inspire a Hero (like 'A Hero's Journey') to do great things..?

I would love to hear people's thematic opinions on their favourite objectives!
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Thomas S-G
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There's just some objectives I love the the themiatics on: like All Out Brawl! (5/1 scum all units gain (blaster)

It's just so awesome! Rather than some far away sniping combat, where everyone's just taking cover and playing it safe, it's an all out close combat where everyone's just hitting harder because there's no-where to hide! (Although, I don't like that people like C-3P0 can hit for unit damage out of no-where. That's just bad)

When All out Brawl is out, it just feels so crazy and fundamentally game-changing that it really does feel like an all out brawl!

I really love it when thematic cards not only have an effect that makes sense, but they also feel like the concept they're trying to replicate, like
The Tarkin Doctrine. Some games, the Tarkin doctrine feels so oppressive and nasty, just like the crushing weight of the empire it represents.

Thematically, I see resources the same way you do, as "the amount of pull or resources that can inspire". A good example of the is "The Master's Domain" a 4 health X resource Jedi objective, where X is the number of Jedi objectives you control. (It's the between the shadows Yoda set)

When you've got a whole bunch of other stuff you're trying to worry about (other faction objectives), you're not all that effective at just being a Jedi and all the stuff that comes along with that, but when you're really focused in on becoming a Jedi, you're a lot better (and have more pull) at stuff like finding a master to help you (Yoda), or learning shi-cho training, or whatever.

My last favorite objective has to be "Calling in Favours" It's a 5 health 4 resources smugglers and spies objective, with the text: this objective does not refresh during the refresh phase. Since once you've used up your "favour", no matter how big or small, you've used it up, it's awesome. You could be calling in Han Solo or Talon Karrde for your favour, or some other big Smugglers and Spies unit.
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