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True to my word, I've come up with a couple scenarios for conservatives to target Hillary Clinton. Be warned: as I am politically progressive, I had a significantly harder time conceiving of this. I am naturally biased, so it's harder for me to see her faults. Of course, the one primary thing for which she's known right now (that could stand to be possibly work for a superhero scenario), is Benghazi.
Once again, I'll inform you that I format my scenarios a bit differently. If a group appears in parentheses, it's added if you have that many players. It just looks & feels cleaner to me.

Scheme: Weave a Web of Lies
Mastermind: Maria Hill, Director of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Villains: S.H.I.E.L.D. Elite, Streets of New York, (3) Emissaries of Evil, (5) Marauders
Henchmen: S.H.I.E.L.D. Assault Squad, (4) Maggia Goons
Heroes: Punisher, Daredevil, Steve Rogers, Ghost Rider, Howard the Duck*, (5) Kraven
*Since I don't own Moon Knight, I would personally substitute Moon Knight. Look at him, though. He's begging to be a dick... in the old sense.
Hillary's (Maria's) political ambitions have been in production for a long time. She's not going to let gross negligence and incompetence get in the way of that. What she does know is how to manipulate things behind the scenes with her government and "business" cronies. She needs to keep key witnesses behind closed doors at any cost. Our heroes are determined to get answers any way they can, official channels be damned.
Unfortunately, this scenario uses Civil War cards. If you want to try it now, use the following substitutions: Use Madelyne Pryor for Maria Hill, Limbo for S.H.I.E.L.D. Elite, and the scheme requirement is 3 bystanders per twist (just because those goblins are so easy to get and still count as bystanders).

Now, we got a nice little blessing with the recent previews of schemes, and it just so happens that one of them could perfectly fit this scenario in reverse. So, here you go. You're playing as Hillary's cronies trying to keep the real details secret (or, you know, just stop the witch hunt, take your pick). Only the scheme is used from CW.
Scheme: Reveal "Villains'" Secret Identities (use Villains mat)
Commander: Dr. Strange
Adversaries: Defenders, Marvel Knights, (3) Streets of New York, (5) K'un-L'un
Backup: Hand Ninjas, (4) Khonshu Guardians
Allies: Lady Thor, Enchantress, Skirn, Mystique, Black Swan, Emma Frost, Invisible Woman*
*May substitute Invisible Woman with Loki
Obviously, the main pattern for the allies is the lack of Y chromosomes. Hillary has made a solid point of being female throughout pretty much everything, trying to use it to her advantage by swaying emotion and claiming sexism as the source of any attacks. The only male character in here is Loki, because really, you don't have to go far to justify Loki's involvement.

Although it might be humorous to try something about Bernie, this should probably be the last of the political scenarios. I mean seriously, I just made 2 setups making super glorified versions of congressional hearings (just in time for Civil War, too). What I will do in the future is make thematic scenarios that try to invoke a feeling of other non-Marvel licenses, such as Metroid & James Bond. If you've got something you want me to try translating into Legendary, I'm open to any suggestions. Good luck, & happy hunting!
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Erik Hatinen
United States
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I don't think I could've done a better job, and I'm a Conservative bordering on Libertarian.

Very nice work!

While I'm a politics junkie, I think it's a very good idea to move on translating other worlds, be they video games, cartoons or song lyrics. There didn't seem to be too much interest in this and your other political game thread, and we may well have been lucky neither thread turned into a discussion about who Trump sold his soul to in order to win the GOP nomination, or if Hillary had to commit felonies to beat Sanders or merely misdemeanors. (Yes, those speculations are jokes. Please, let's not argue about what they're referring to!)

--Off Topic PS--

If anyone wants to send a message to me about political stuff, feel free. Let's not turn this or other threads into the virtues of Sanders or why Trump would destroy the universe.

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