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Jeremy Adkins
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I had lured the troublesome heirs to the throne easily into the house, they were uniquely unaware of their surroundings, it had been such a long time since any of their kin had entered the old house. The search was long and arduous; I had managed to locate my old companion, still tending the house as he was wont to do, a little mad from the loneliness but still loyal. He would make a good friend in the coming scheme.

It wasn't until they found the old family lance that I started to panic; one of the three recognized the symbols etched on its haft, and knew where they were. I had to act quickly; they had already discovered the throne room, and two of them were huddled around it like rats in a cage, just waiting for their companion - still on the top floor - to find that accursed ring. Even worse, they had found an easy way from the top of the house to the throne room in the basement, leaving me with little options for setting up my assassins to handle them. Their locations in the house was obvious - painfully obvious, for anyone with any sense to them, but I was running out of time; I had to intercept them NOW, before they could make their move.

Fortunately, fate worked in my favor; the big, dumb one, Flash, managed to stumble into an assassin and become gravely wounded, and I knew his friends wouldn't be far behind. My heart skipped a beat when I heard Flash's cell phone crackle; obviously, one of his friends was trying to contact him about the ring. I had to do something, to secure my fortune.

I followed Flash to his last location, finding him in the underground lake. In his weakened state, he didn't see me sneak up behind him, didn't feel me stab my hand into the wound the assassin left on his back and force him down face-first into the murky water, until it was too late. He wasn't able to fight back as I drowned him in the lake, silently growling for him to die. Die he did, and when I stood back up to admire my work, that's when the news came:

"Hello? Flash? This is Madame Zostra; I found the ring! You can reclaim your family's fortune! Flash? Flash? Where are you, Flash?"

With that bit of knowledge, knowing that I had miraculously slain the heir to the throne in one fell swoop, I picked up the phone and spoke four little words to Mrs. Zostra; four words, spoken by my favorite Disney villain during this hour of triumph, so corny, but at the time, so very fitting:

"Long live the king..."
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