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In the campaign, the ideal force seems to be:
2 heavyweapons units for firepower against OPFORS
1 SIG to redraw event cards to avoid OPFORS
1 supply truck for extra moves/ full battlestrength if needed, and to avoid the ill effects of the Sandstorm event and benefit from the Bedouins event.
1 sapper to avoid the ill effects of the Shifting sands event and to avoid having to stop in fortresses, sand dunes, objective marker and minefield spaces.
1 armored car for recon and for extra firepower just in case.
All for a cost of only 22rp, leaving 8 to 18 rp to buy extra ops as needed.
To this stack of 6 units is added the free leader you start the campaign with.

I see no need for wireless air units, the marines or truck or jeep patrols.

In playing individual scenarios, I drop one or both heavy weapons units when restrcted to 5 or 4 unit stacking. I still have the armored car for reasonable firepower against unavoidable OPFORS but am protected from all other event card penalties, while retaining recon capability.

I only ever use Kufra as a starting and returning base, use a single stack of units, and completely ignore Alexandria and Cairo. The safe lines are almost completely irrelevant as is the DAK unit in 1942 and almost always in 1941 unless you roll a 12 when placing objectives so get one in Bardia.

With only 5 of 14 event cards resulting in OPFORS three of which can be 1-3 units and the other two 1-6 units, I will always use the SIG unitt's redraw capability if the latter two cards come up, and will play the odds when the former three do. This pretty much manages to avoid OPFORS in most circumstances.

Given the DAK unit is completely irrelevant in 1942 and pretty much so in 1941, I suggest rolling on the objective table to place it randomly in all scenarios and the campaign to give greater variety and challenge. Roll for it before placing obectives, and no objective can be placed on it. But even so, I can see little utility in the eastern half of the map apart from providing historical context. When the objectives are all west of the fold line in the map, why would you even look at Alexandria or Cairo rather than use Kufra as your base?

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