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Subject: Mainly timing questions rss

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Esa Seuranen
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Played the game three times with my buddy (they took 7h, 7.5h and 6h... yes, we're a bit slow) and so far defender has won each game rather easily (we used default setup only for the first game... and ballista haven't appeared since then).

We like the game a quite a bit, but few (mainly timing) question have arosen. Thematically speaking things wouls happen simultaneously but for simplicity we have resolved one place (wall section/rampart/foreground) at a time (i.e., a trap can be trampled throught on one side and the gained knowledge taken into use on the other).

Anyways... on to the questions (thx for reading already in advance and sorry for the possible duplicate questions):

A. SPECTER: Any killed defender units at the chosen wall section are removed from the game... they don’t go hospital (+ reappear as invader units)? Sounds extremely effective (=almost game breaking) with Ballista...

B. DEFENCE PLANS: played before or after any action/stage (but not during stage, for example The Assault/Hospital)?
Example: wall construction plan could be used to erect 2 walls after Orc Detonation.

C. Invader manuevering:
I. invader decides one rampart/foreground how invader moves his units, i.e. 2 units to path A and 3 units to path B and then those moves are resolved simultaneously: for example, if there are unrevealed traps then they are revealed simultaneously?

II.Invader decides one rampart/foreground at a time VS Invader decides all ramparts/foregrounds at same time and they are considered to be resolved simultaneously?

III. I remember faintly seen/read that invader could move forward more units than there are space (when there’s an unrevealed trap): e.g. 4 slots on the wall and a trap on the path => moving 1 goblin, 3 orcs and 1 troll ensures that all slots are filled… but it is possible to end up with extra unit:
a) Is “over” moving allowed? And if so
b)What happens to extra units: Invader decides which extras are killed/moved back?
c) Would invader be allowed to do this even if there is no unrevealed trap, i.e., to free slots on rampart/foregrounds

IV. Invader units on walls are there until killed by defender (or by Orc Detonation/Goblin Fury) due Sharpshooters, Cauldron, Ballista, Poles, or strength comparison. In other words, if a wall section is in status quo (full of orcs) invader have no means to replace troops with better ones?

D. INVADER OBJECTIVES: resolved immediately VS after action/phase
Example - objective with 4 trolls on a wall section => convert 2 goblins to 2 trolls in any Rampart: when manuvering and 4 trolls have reached a wall section... should one finish entire manuever VS could do conversion in an unmanuevered rampart and move newly converted trolls into wall section directly.

E. ASSAULT (added 22.7.2016, since forgot in the original post): following the timing questions... do invader[defender] declare all wall sections[ramparts/foregrounds] their siege machines[cannons/poles] all at the same time VS one after each other (after results are known)?
* Wall section with one wall and two catapults: Can invader fire first catapult there and then decide (depending on the result) where the other catapult fires?
* One cannon on both sides of the fortress: Can defender fire one side first and then depending on the result decide where the other cannon fires? For example if on the other side of the fortress there are one rampart with trolls only and foreground with goblins and ors
=> killing trolls would be nice, but if one of the troll-hits have already gone, then taking shot to foreground might be more appealing
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Mike van Veen
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I also need answers to many of these questions...
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