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Subject: Picard Redeems His Disgrace at Wolf-359 rss

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Robert Leonhard
United States
West Virginia
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This is a session report on my solo conquest with Picard and the Enterprise. I also used my optional "Away Team Random Missions", which you can find in the files section. Since I did only two away missions (other than on Borg Cubes), the impact of the random missions was minimal.

Round 1

(1) The Enterprise emerged from the wormhole and scanned Sectors 10 and 11. As rumored, the Romulans have built a starbase in the Dante system in contravention of treaty agreements between the Empire and the Federation. In response, the Dominion has likewise established a base on the far reaches of the system, which includes two class-H and one class-L planets. There are heavy asteroid fields throughout the sectors, and long-range scans have identified a Romulan warbird hovering near the Dominion base. Our path into the Zed Quadrant will require either some tricky and time-consuming maneuver through the Dante system, or a fight to get past one of the two starbases. I am interested in taking the Romulan base, because there are reports that some old friends await me there. I ordered the Enterprise to close with the Romulan base. As we got within censor range, we noted that it had disruptors. We improvised a defense, but the base damaged us a bit. I then ordered full phasers, destroying the base. Already the Federation’s reputation has suffered, but I saw no alternative to this action. (Picard level 2.) Skill: Compassion; Advanced Action: Tense Negotiations.

(2) The Enterprise remained at the now conquered base, and I recruited Commander Data. He immediately got to work repairing our battle damage.

(3) We maneuvered through the Dante system and got to within scanning range of Sector 1, finding another Romulan warbird at long range. I would like to go and deal with the Dominion starbase in Sector 11, but the ship is not yet strong enough. Instead, we moved toward Danta-2, a class-L planet.

(4) I ordered the Enterprise into Sector 1 and hailed the Romulan vessel. They attacked and damaged the ship, but Data counterattacked, destroying the attackers.

(5) We scanned Sector 6 and spotted another warbird closing on our position. There is a distant class-L planet in the sector.

Round 2

(1) I ordered the Enterprise to head to the Sector 1 Federation Outpost, and once there we scanned Sector 9, finding a second Dominion starbase, and another Romulan starbase. We are within beaming range of Perska, a class-K planet.

(2) We scanned Sector 3 and found yet another Romulan starbase. Meanwhile I beamed over to the outpost and negotiated to bring the loyal Romulan N’vek onto the Enterprise.

(3) I led an away team to Perska, along with N’vek, and we encountered the Zhen High Prefecture. They had captured a Federation observer, but we were able to negotiate for his release. N’vek made an effective plea that with rumors of a Borg invasion, the entire quadrant would need to work together. I improvised a workable solution, and the Prefecture released the officer. They also shared their empathic skills with us, which will help us in future diplomatic engagements. (Picard level 4.) Skill: Leadership; Advanced Action: Teamwork. I am guiding crew development aboard the Enterprise in an attempt to get the most out of the crew, rather than opting for technology.

(4) I ordered the Enterprise to the Federation Research Station in Sector 3. From that location we scanned Sector 7, finding the class-M planet Outhome-5. The system also has a class-K world.

(5) We trained the crew in persistence, and our reputation, because of our empathic training, has improved.

(6) I ordered the Enterprise to enter the nebulae near the Romulan starbase in Sector 3. We took minor damage. From this position we were able to scan both the Romulan base and Core Sector 6, where we found a Borg Cube and a Borg Sphere. They are between us and the class-M planet Endaman. We engaged the Romulan starbase and took damage, which Commander Data repaired. N’vek led the counterattack, destroying the Romulan base with phasers.

Round 3

(1) I reluctantly had to admit that the Enterprise is not yet ready to take on the Borg in Core Sector 6. I ordered the ship to return to the Sector 3 Research Station, and I led a team to Outhome-5 to conduct tense negotiations with the planet’s officials. My goal was for them to share their quantum torpedo technology and to deepen our understanding of the Klingon honor code, both of which we achieved. Mr. Data led repairs on the Enterprise meanwhile.

(2) The Enterprise began the return trip toward Core Sector 6, taking some engine damage as we persisted through the nebulae. We reached the vicinity of the destroyed Romulan starbase.

(3) We closed with the Borg Cube and synthesized data to prepare for the upcoming battle.

(4) I decided to scan Core Sector 2 to buy time and experience. A second Borg Sphere is near our position. (Picard level 5.)

(5) It took some intimidation and some improvisation, but I managed to recruit the Romulan Commander Mendak to join the Enterprise crew.

(6) We engaged the Borg Sphere. Mendak blocked some of the incoming damage, but the enemy’s pulse torpedoes and antimatter weapons still hit us hard. We then took further damage by closing to short range and unleashing quantum torpedoes under the supervision of N’vek, destroying the Sphere. Mr. Data coordinated repairs.

Round 4

(1) We engaged and destroyed the second Borg Sphere.

(2) Although I am anxious to take on the Cube, I believe that the Enterprise needs the photonic technology that Outhome-5 has. We returned into the nebulae to get within transport range of the planet, and I convinced the planet officials to share the information with us.

(3) The Enterprise warped directly toward the Borg Cube. Its defenses are formidable. We initiated a photonic shockwave that disrupted enemy attacks, and Mendak raised shields to block some of the enemy weapons. The Enterprise took some damage, but Data organized repairs. Then we launched quantum torpedoes to destroy one section and powered our phasers under N’vek’s control to destroy another. The Enterprise then moved off to plan the final attack. (Picard level 7.)

(4) I decided to return to the destroyed Romulan starbase, where we employed superior empathy to convince Omet’Iklan to join our crew. My reputation is now at maximum throughout the quadrant.

(5) We returned for the final attack on the Borg Cube. We raised shields to block the enemy’s standard phaser attack. Omet’Iklan lacked the data he needed to neutralize the enemy section’s resistance to all of our weapons. So we fired full phasers along with a photon pulse attack, improvising to throw every bit of energy into the assault, destroying the Cube.

Round 5

(1) I considered several courses of action: (a) move to a position from which we could destroy the Dominion starbase and scan for the second Cube; (b) move to the Federation Research Station in Core Sector 2, from where we could gain data and scan for the Cube; (c) move to a class-M planet to negotiate for further assistance. I decided to make for the research station. Once there we scanned Core Sector 1, finding three more planets, two of which have issued distress calls. I decided to move to the class-L planet and respond to the distress call. The situation on Darron-5 is sensitive, and I received orders from Star Fleet not to interfere with the planet’s natural evolution. The Prime Directive was to be fully enforced. This development disrupted my plan to intimidate the envoy sent to deal with us. Instead, we used scientific data and research to improvise a solution. We overcame all resistance and quelled the embryonic civil war that was about to take place. The grateful Planetary Parliament shared their Advanced Scanning technology with us, along with a wealth of data on the Borg. (Picard level 8.) Skill: Efficient Crew; Advanced Action: Picard Maneuver.

(2) My biggest problem at the moment is our inability to move to and find the second Borg Cube. I have to depend solely on my crew’s efficiency. I have decided to return to Core Sector 2 and destroy the Dominion base there. From that position, we will be able to locate the Cube. We closed with the base, and scans indicated that it was equipped with photon pulse weapons and defenses. I ordered the Picard Maneuver at maximum strength, which reduced the enemy’s attacks (damaging us slightly), and lowered their defenses enough for N’vek to destroy them.

(3) We scanned Core Sector 5, finding the second Borg Cube, which is equipped with biogenic weapons. Unfortunately there is a Romulan warbird blocking our path to the Cube. I ordered the Enterprise to move to the Federation outpost near the Cube, and the warbird attacked. N’vek destroyed the warbird, and Data repaired all our ship’s damage.

(4) We engaged the Borg. I ordered a photonic shockwave that neutralized the enemy’s photon pulse attacks, disruptors, and energy dissipaters. We then closed to point blank range in a dangerous honor attack and destroyed one section of the cube. Mendak and Omet’Iklan beamed aboard the Cube. The photonic shockwave neutralized the assimilated defenders almost completely, but one defender shot Mendak and infected him with biogenic material, wounding him severely. Omet’Iklan then destroyed half of the onboard defenders, and we beamed the away team back. (Picard level 9.)

(5) I reluctantly ordered the Enterprise to retreat into Core Sector 2 to refit and rest.

Round 6

(1) We returned to the Borg Cube. Mendak, who had been healed, blocked the enemy attack with Photon Pulse shields strong enough to withstand the enemy’s disruptors. Data fired phasers, destroying the Cube section. N’vek led an away team to the Cube and disconnected the remaining assimilated defenders from the Hive mind. The Cube is destroyed. (Picard level 10.)

(2) We boarded the destroyed Cube and recruited “First” into the crew.


Experience 102
Knowledge 12
Leadership 13
Conquest 6
Adventure 4
Disaster 0
Cubes 20
All 15
Dummy 15
Round 5

Total: 192
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