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Subject: Vultures AAR, pt. 1 rss

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Chris Buhl
United States
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I'll play this scenario straight up. My "table" is smaller than usual so I reserve the right to make adjustments if planes get too close to the edge.

Right now and-110 B-2nd is griping, 'Why do I have to be Mr. Pink?" To which Spitfire B-2nd is retorting "At least you're not Mr. Brown, Mr. Shitstain!" Before a fist fight breaks out some crotchety old dude tells them to shut the hell up and get fighting, silently wondering if anyone reading this post gets the movie reference...

I like this scenario b/c it features such mid-matched performance rulers. I tend to do better in a turning fight so the Brits probably have home court here, but the Bf-110C has a pretty fearsome armament and a tail gun.

As a side note I'm not allowing any range measurements before moves this time around, it won't be so easy for a Spitfire to camp on a Bf-110's tail just out of tail gunner range.

T1 German

Both Spitfire flights climb to gain energy, the 110's aren't close enough to get shots off yet.

T2 British

Mistakes are made already. The British A flight moved straight trying to lure the 110's in, but the lead German plane used its altitude advantage to close for a shot. The lead Spit from B element got in for a tight shot on one German but ended up in tail gun range from its wingman.

The lead German scores 2 hits for 1 damage to reduce a British element but misses with its tail gun. The two British spits roll 0 hits and 3 hits but with underpowered MG's does 0 damage.

Round One to the Vultures, now let's see what a Spitfire can do.

T3 Germans

110C lead dives in for a shot, reducing Spitfire B-2. Two tail gun shots miss Spit A-2.

T4 Germans

Tricky spot for the British with the Germans having the advantage and 2 reduced elements. Should they try to form up? The only way to do that is for B to move at stall speed and wait for A, doesn't look like a good idea right now.

Instead the full strength elements take up protective positions with B performing an Immelmann. The lead Bf-110 pursues its target and gets out of enemy fire lines, while a Spit and Bf-110 trade head on shots.

The reduced Spitfire B-2 is eliminated while the other does fire and either miss or do no damage .

T5 British

German tail gunner misses, Spit A-2 hits twice for 0 damage.

T6 German

Again British .303 MG's fail to hurt, as they score 2 hits but 0 damage while the 110 on its starboard side scores 2 hits for 1 damage and reduces it's foe.

T7 German

The British are in real trouble now, losing A-lead and seeing B-lead reduced while doing no damage. At least the Bf-110 trailing A-2 missed with all 3 shots. And it gets worse, on the next initiative roll...

T8 German

I have to pause here, I'll finish this next time I have a break at work. Yeah, I play this at work when I have time, cool huh?

Here is the battle so far:

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