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Subject: regarding delay cooldown reactions rss

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j y
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i dont have the game with me right now, so i dont remember the various names

in a match up of ninja vs huntress, i as ninja is left with 5 hp and huntress has just enough gold to unlock her ultimate that would do me 6 dmg

i have the elite unit card that push back all unlocked abilities cooldown by 1 and as ninja i can cast that card as an reaction

am i getting this right

if i cast unit card as an reaction to unlocking of the 6 dmg ability, the resolution order goes like
1) huntress pay the gold
2) delay cooldown unit is played as reaction
3) all unlocked abilities of huntress is delayed by 1, NOT including the ultimate ability as it has not been unlocked
4) unlocking of ultimate ability resolve, cooldown is at ready
5) 6 dmg ability is cast, ninja lose

if i cast unit card as reaction to using of the ultimate ability
1) ultimate ability is cast, cooldown goes to max
2) react to ability, cast unit, all cooldowns increase by 1, ultimate is UNAFFECTED as it is already at max
3) ultimate ability resolve, ninja lose

in both cases above, ninja cant be saved
however, if huntress did some action in between the unlocking and using of the ability, ninja can delay the cooldown in response to that other action
1) huntress unlock ulti, cooldown at ready
2) huntress do something unrelated
3) as reaction to that unrelated action, cast unit that delays cooldown
4) huntress cooldown is delayed, ulti cannot be used this turn

question: is it possible for ninja to use an reaction in between the unlocking and using of huntress's ulti NOT in response to any action AND is not at end of turn phase?

i find it unintuitive that 2 non-reaction manoeuvres back to back is faster than reaction manoeuvres

also, to clarify, at end of turn phase, anyone can play reaction-speed manoeuvres, is that before or after end of turn effects triggering?
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Hi j y,

Your analysis of the situation is correct - there is no way for the Psionicist (the elite unit) to save the Ninja in this scenario, unless the Ranger unlocks her ultimate ability then does another unrelated maneuver before using the ultimate. Your three step-by-step examples are correct.

The reason for this is because of who gets "priority" (i.e. who gets to act first), as detailed in the first section of page 23 of the rulebook. When the chain is empty, the current player (the player whose turn it is) has priority to make the first move.

After "unlocking the Ranger's ultimate" resolves, a cooldown counter is placed on the ability, the chain is once again empty, and the current player has priority to make the next move. Because moving the cooldown counter is part of announcing using an ability and not part of the resolution, there is no window for the Ninja to move the cooldown counter in this scenario.


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