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Episode 46 of your Last Reminder to back some cool games.
Covering: Wednesday, July 20th - 7PM CET to Friday, July 22nd - 7PM CET

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Featuring (Amongst Others): Rocky Road à la Mode, Mistborn: House War, Overseers, Martial Art, Ktizo: An Ecosystem Building Cardgame & Hat-Trick: 'Players' Expansion.

Sad Kickstarter Story: Burgers & Beasts
RPG of the Week: Dungeonesque.

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Introduction Overview:
* Back from Holiday, brain still in holiday mode.Everything goes sooo slow...
* Heat Wave isn't helping either...

Board Games

Rocky Road à la Mode
Rocky Road a la Mode, the boardgame where it’s all about delivering ice cream to the masses, of which I can use a lot right now because it’s really really hot out here today, is doing very well, raising over 2.5 times its funding target. Take control of your truck and try taking all this summer’s hot spots to sell your ice cold goodness. Rocky Road a La Mode is 19UD.

Mistborn: House War
Talking about board games doing very well, Mistborn: House War, the officially licensed game set in the World of Brandon Sanderson’s novel series has raised over 280K as I write this, which goes to show what a well executed game with a proper license can do! Work together as the Final Empire’s Great Houses to overcome the challenges brought upon the Land and defeat all the evil characters that came from the novels, but you’d also want to become the strongest HOuse there is, so watch your back. Mistborn - House War is 50 USD.

Card Games

Aah, Overseers… the game I personally fell in love with so quick it was insane and with nearly 2400 backers I wasn’t alone. I had a nice interview with it’s publisher Gon a while back (which you can find here: ) about the ins and outs of this game which I still think is highly recommended (but yeah, It would be crazy of me not to say that). Beautiful Art, Deep strategy and only 17 EUR, what else do you want? Go Back Overseers!

Martial Art
Another very pretty looking game is Martial Art. A card game that sets you in the times of feudal Japan where you take control of one of the warring clans in several battles. Command your armies to conquer places of significance, all wrapped up in a very cool traditional Japanese art Style. It’s only 12 USD as Well!

Ktizo: An Ecosystem Building Cardgame
And the final card game is Ktizo, a game where it’s all about building viable ecosystems. There’s a lot of possibilities of how your planet is turning out and who will be the dominant species. Takle on your friends and see who is the better God in Ktizo! 20 USD!

Sad KS Story

Burgers & Beasts
The Sad Kickstarter Story this time is about Burgers and Beasts. A board game where you’d have to cook the best burger possible to feed it to the warriors that defend your town from the invading beasts. I thought this was a pretty cool concept (I mean… Burgers AND Beasts) and it was only when I read the updates I noticed what probably went wrong: the gameplay video didn’t arrive until day 28 of the campaign. I don’t want to say it’s essential, but it sure helps if that's there on the first day of the campaign. So keep the video and try again I suggest but for now, no Beasts or Burgers… and that’s sad.

RPG Spotlight - Dungeonesque [No BGG Page at Time of Release]
The RPG Spotlight of this Week is Dungeonesque: an effort to bring an old school vibe back to the new school tabletops. A red box and a White box, both filled with old-timey booklets will have you explore dungeons for quite some time. They both cost 50 USD a piece and do contains the same content, but split up in different styles of print, so so you can pick your own nostalgic feeling! The RPG Spotlight: Dungeonesque.

Expansions, Reprints, Relaunches and Upgrades:

Hat-Trick: 'Players' Expansion (Relaunch):
The Hat Trick Players Expansion Relaunch is successful! The board / card game that faithfully emulates full football matches is getting its expansion and good for them! It’s a pretty good-looking football sim on your tabletop so if you’re into football (like I am) this one is for you! The Expansion is 19 EUR or combine it with the base game for 36!
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