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Discovery Tokens

Discovery tokens add variety and excitement to the game. It is recommended that players wait until they are familiar with the base game before adding discovery tokens. If players find they don’t like some tokens, simply leave them out.

Mix all the discovery tokens face down on the table. Before dealing cards at the beginning of each age, players randomly select two tokens and place each one face down in any region on the perimeter of the board.

Claiming discoveries
Discoveries are claimed like coins; they go to the player who wins a battle in the region. If discoveries are not claimed in an age, they remain on the board to be claimed in a later age. After a discovery is used, it is removed from the game.

Wild Mount
Place the token in front of you. Once, when playing a knight from any race, you may add this token to make it a mounted knight.

Crystal ball
Place the token in front of you. Once, when leading a battle in a region, you may use the crystal ball to force your opponents to reveal the cards they will be playing before you play your card. You still play your card first.

Gate Key
Use immediately. Move the battle tracker to any space on the board for the next battle.

Hidden Temple
Worth three points. Score immediately.

Rogue Assassin
Use immediately. Select one of your opponent’s cards at random. Place it in your captured pile.

Seige Engine
Use immediately. Select one region. Remove all that region’s coins from the board.

Use immediately. Take one coin from one opponent. If no opponent has a coin, steal a coin from any region on the board.

Radiant Phalanx
Place the token in front of you. Play this token as if it were a card in your hand. This token cannot be targeted by assassins.

Hidden Fortress
Use immediately. Place the token face up in the region it was found. In addition to claiming the region with a cube, place a cube on the token. This cube counts toward majority in its realm. This cube isn’t affected if control of the region changes. Remove at the end of the age.
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