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We’ve always thought that 'Deck Battle' Card Games are so fun because they are strategically similar to Chess, but it's as if each player gets to pick his or her own pieces prior to the match.

No Superhero or Villain is alike…they bring different strategies, resources, and technologies to bear against their opponents. Printed cards - with their unique art, attributes, and text - have an unparalleled ability to capture this diversity over a broad range of themes…if crafted correctly!

In designing Originz, we aimed to make a casual deck-battle game that could have wide-appeal and a low-barrier to entry. It needed to have enough strategic depth to appease veterans of the industry, but be easy to learn for newcomers.

While we adore many Trading Card Games and Expandable Card Games (like Magic TCG or Pokemon), these types of games are usually either loved or hated by the tabletop community. Trading Card Games, by design, have random booster packs, rare cards, and ‘set rotation’. While this allows for a constant supply of new cards, it also requires significant financial investment and the onset of ‘power creep’, where cards get relatively more and more powerful over time. The rule-set, also, tends to become more and more complicated over time, which raises the barrier to entry for newcomers even further.

Although Expandable Card Games don’t have random boosters, or card rarity, they too are subject to the onset of ‘power creep’ and require significant financial investment over time. Some of our favorite expandable card games have a broad set of expansions, and an aggressive release schedule, which can be difficult to keep up with.

Aside from all that, any game which features customized deck construction, prior to a game, can be difficult to ‘jump’ into. Most of these games are drastically more fun when facing opponents of around the same experience level (with significant collections of their own). This is because crafting a deck before a game can take time, and an in-depth understanding of the game to be played. If a new player crafts their deck incorrectly, chances are that the game may be over before it has even begun.

Some games, like ‘Marvel VS 2PCG’, overcome this challenge by offering ‘recommended decklists’. Others, like ‘Sentinels of the Multiverse’, provide neatly packed pre-constructed decks, but don’t allow you to customize them. ‘Magic The Gathering’, ‘Pokemon’ and more offer separately purchased ‘starter sets’ and ‘starter decks’, which can be customized later.

In general, we wanted Originz to be one box that you could grab and immediately sit down to play with people that don't normally play these types of games. Therefore, it needed to:

-Not be too 'Mathy' or Rule Intensive. Originz was designed to have intuitive gameplay and a memorable rule-set. No tracker or notepads required!

-Provide a wide range of 'read-to-play', but ultimately customizable decks that allow new players to jump right into battle with their favorite superpowers. We crafted these decks with specific thematic playstyles and unique mechanics in mind.

-Be able to support a wide range of multiplayer formats out of one box. 1v1 games are fun, but Originz really shines during Tournaments Team Battles, Cosmic Drafts, and more. The more players, the merrier - you can even play a 12-person tournament, right out of the box!

We encourage you to give Originz a shot at your game night, with your spouse, your kids, or even people who traditionally steer clear of deck-battle games. We designed it for you!
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