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Monday is Imperial Assault Campaign Day at Round Table Games

Each Monday at 6pm Round Table Games at 128 Main St., Carver MA 02330 will host a campaign game for the first 4 players who sign up. We will play at least 1 mission. Other missions may be played based on time and player availability. Seated players have priority for playing additional missions. You do not need to know how to play and you do not need to have played in any previous sessions. If all the players seated are new a new Campaign will be started,

The game runner will take the part of the Imperial side.


How much does it cost?

Monday campaign days are free
$5 buy-in for the league per player per faction (you can enter multiple factions)
$3 buy-in for each weekly tournament
Daily skirmishes you arrange are free

How long does the league last?

Each Campaign run will start a new league

How will standings be recorded?

By leader board on our website

What rules will be used? Rules Reference Document and FAQ

What do I need to bring to play?

For Campaign play nothing at all.
For league play you must declare a side (Imperial, Rebel or Mercenary)
You must provide your own maps, tokens, etc. for skirmish games
All units and cards must be accurately represented – no proxies

How often can I play?

Campaign play is weekly

You can play skirmish games as often as you like using a maximum of 40 deployment points per game. Each game should be 65 minutes long, including set-up, unless both players agree on an alternative time

Each Saturday at 11 am we will hold a Swiss pairing tournament.

How is the league scored?

Scores will be maintained by player and by faction
Daily skirmish games: 1 point to the loser, 2 points to the winner
Weekly Tournaments: 1 point for last place, 2 for second-to-last, etc.
Weekly Campaign Games: 1 point for playing, 1 point for a rebel win

Special: Achievements : If you play the same character multiple weeks in a row in the campaign game you earn 1 additional league point each week.
If you have a partially painted skirmish squad (at least 3 colors on at least half the units) you earn 1 league point (can only be earned once per league).
If you have a fully painted skirmish squad (at least 3 colors on at all the units) you earn 2 league points (or 3 if you did not earn the partially painted achievement - can only be earned once per league)

What are the league prizes?

$4 of each league entry fee will be given out as store credit to the top 3 players at the end of the month
$2 of each weekly tournament entry fee will be given out as store credit to the top 3 players
You get 10 store points for each game result submitted (submission of game results is the responsibility of the winner)
You get 20 store points for playing in a weekly tournament
You get 10 store points for playing in a campaign game

Our League Page, store link:!imperial-assault-league/c...]
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