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Subject: WBC 2015 Recap rss

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Grant LaDue
United States
New York
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Figured I should put it up here as well!

WBC 2015 recap as late as possible!

Ok, it's *time*! Time for the oft lamented, seldom looked for, always ridiculously late, and barely in under the wire this year, recap of last year's con.

Avert thy eyes! Seek medical attention if symptoms remain after 4 hours. You've been warned!
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Grant LaDue
United States
New York
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2015 days 1 and 2

Friday 7/31/15

Nels, Ginger, and I left Buffalo at 11:30 am. We stopped at Skeeters for gas in PA around 4:30, and arrived at the Host at 7 pm. Oddly enough, the Host had not collapsed into rubble during our drive, despite the concerns!

I was off to the bar between 8 pm and 11. Don G, Kevin W, Eric and Claire, Bill Edwards, Rikuu, Ken, Keith, and others stopped by at various times.

Off to the room at 11 and I went to bed around 1:30. I really prefer to arrive a day early so you can decompress before the first tournament. Highly recommended.

Saturday 8/1/15

Got up at 8:40. Breakfast at the buffet at 9:15 with Jeff Burdett. Registered at 10:15.

At 11 am I played some HRC with Kevin Wojtaszczyk before the tournament began. Didn’t do me no good breaking the rust off though as we shall see.

1 pm HRC Round 1

Vs George Young (last year’s champ)

He won the die roll and bid 1. I bid 2 and he accepted. He flipped Icosium.

Turn 1:

Standard pc placement. Hannibal moved north twice, dropping one. Longus to Rome on a minor campaign. Hannibal found some native guides to cross to Boii while Rome built to 15 cu. Hannibal charmed Italy to remove Arminum, FP, and Sena. A major campaign brought P Scip with 10 to Arminium and Longus with 5 to Emporaie. Hannibal with 8 attacked P Scip 13-14. Hannibal won, but lost 2 to attrition, P Scipio lost 5 total. Hasdurbal moved to Ilerda.

The turned ended 10-8 Rome when he got Idubeda.

Turn 2:

Longus proconsul. Nero to Italy with 10. Flaminus with Longus and 5. Hannibal to 7, Hasdrubal to 4, Hanno to 5.

I went first and retook Idubeda. He placed 2 pc’s. Phillip allied with Carthage, pulling Macedonian reinforcements from Rome. Nero attacks, and with elephant fright (sigh) was up 14-10. Nero won in 5 on a probe. 1 attrition, and I lost 4 total. Hannibal +1 to 4(e). Various pc placements. Cato counseled Rome. Flaminus to 6, and Hannibal to 5(e).

Turn ended 9-9

Turn 3:

Nero Proconsul. Marcellus came on with 12. Flaminus with 8.

Hannibal to 6e, Hasdrubal to 5, Mago to 1, Hanno to 6.

I had him go first. Marcellus to 14. Hannibal to 7e. He Messenger Intercepted a minor campaign from me. Marcellus shuffled units and attacked at Boii 15-13. He won in 10 on probe. 1 attrition, I lost 3 total (n4). I played a Truce. Hanno counseled Carthage to break the Truce. Hannibal to Gergovia, losing 1 (n3). He played the minor to move Flaminus to Rhone. Hannibal intercepted 10-8 him. I didn’t match the first, and Hannibal died on the attrition die roll (6), the only one that could get me. Some PC placement.

So, this essentially killed the game. Basically Hannibal died because he got atrocious luck after I moved him forward *1* space too many on the Charms card. We played it out, and it was close, but my luck at the crucial points stayed poor.

10-8 Rome.

Turn 4:

Nero was made proconsul with 10 in Rome. Longus has 9 in Rhone. Varro with 5 in Mutina.

Hasdrubal to 8, Hanno to 7.

I had him go first.

He added 2 cu’s to Varro. Fabius replaced Nero as proconsul (sticking his army in Italy). He began a siege of the Boii with Varro. Mago sailed to New Carthage, then Varro with 1 cu sailed to Carales, while Hanno moved to Saldae. Varro took several rolls to finish the siege. While Mago flipped Carales and moved to Oristano. Another Truce, this time I couldn’t break it. Varro ended up moving 5 to Sassari, and I used a Major Campaign to put Hanno to 8.

10-8 Rome

Turn 5:

Varro proconsul now with 7. Rome had 13 with Fabius. Marcellus with 9 in Rhone. Hasdrubal to 10. New Carthage has 2 with Gisgo. Hanno has 9.

I had him go first.

Phillip pulled Baleric Slingers from my hand. Hostile Tribes knocked Marcellus down to 5. Most of this turn was dancing. Added 2 elephants in Carthage, and Mago moved there n4(2e). Marcellus moved back to Neapolis with 10.

I believe it was 10-8 still.

Turn 6:

Marcellus pro n 10. Scip A and Longus in Rome with 18. Nero with 8. I had him go first. Scip A sieged the brutes and then finished them off. I place pc’s. Hasdrubal moved to Emporarie. Scip A to Panormus. Hasdrubal moved to Narbo, dropping 1 in Nemausus. Minor campaign moved Scip A to Nemausus and Marcellus to Rhegium. Minor campaign saw Mago sail to New Carthage now 10(2e), and Hasdrubal to Tarracco. An epidemic hit New Carthage, now 7.

10-8 Rome.

Turn 7:

I had him go first again. Hadsrubal got to 10. Scip A moved to Emporaie. P Scip replaced Marcellus as proconsul.

He Messenger Intercepted Spies in the enemy camp out of my hand. Sigh. I placed two pc’s. He flipped Emporaie. Hanno to 10. We finished filling the board with PC’s. He discarded. Gisgo moved to Heraclea with 1. Major campaign saw P Scip attack Gisgo. Sicily revolted, pulling out Enna and Panormus. He refilled them with a minor campaign. Hanno cleared Zama. Diplomacy flipped Icosium. He used a Major to move P Scip to Rhegium.

I think this turn was demonstrative of how the game went for me. He had Messenger Intercepted, Two major and one minor campaigns and the predominance of cu’s, with Sicily and Corsica covered.

10-8 still

Turn 8

I had him go first. Some pc placements, then he discarded. I got 2 more elephants in Carthage, and Mutins Numidians flipped Enna. Scip A moved to Nice. Gisgo sailed to Dianum with Mago, now 10(4e) and 3 in New Carthage. Several discards by both sides. Mago moved to Tarroco n20(4e). Saldae was flipped with diplomacy again. Minor campaign saw Scip A get bath weathered, ending up in Rome (n21) and A Paulus to Panormus.

10-8 again.

Turn 9

Varro proconsul in Oristano. Nero with 11 in Panormus. Longus in Rome with 14. Scip A with 11 in Nice. Hanno has 11. Gisgo 4, and Hasdrubal and Mago with the main army.

I had him go first.

He placed a pc in Sicily. Mago moved to New Carthage, n13(4e). He placed pc’s in Spain. Gisgo sailed with Adriatic Pirates to Brundusium with 3. Longus attacks Gisgo and wins, no attrition. Major campaign move Mago with 10 (4e) to Oristano. Varro misses the intercept and I attack Varro. The elephants hit. 12-9 me. I win in 4 rounds, 1 attrition. He only loses 4 total. Varro n7. Hanno moved to Icosium, dropping 3. Hasdrubal to New Carthage. He minor Campaigns (are you kidding me?) Scip A to Oristano15-9 after the Elephants fright *again*. He wins, wiping out Mago. Hasdrubal to Tarraco. Epidemic reduces him to 10. Hasdrubal moves to Massillia, and *another* campaign moved Scip A there to attack Hasdrubal, which he won *again*. That was that.

Man, this game was awful. I couldn’t win a battle, couldn’t make 5/6 chances to see Hannibal survive. Got hit multiple times with Messenger Intercepted and Elephant Fright, and against last year’s champ. Bleah! My hands were terrible, with nothing that would let me move in force, nothing to reinforce with, and no revolts. Don’t think I ever saw Syracuse revolts, or else it was in like turn 5 when I couldn’t possibly play it.

That put me right off of HRC for the year, so I went off to play some 18xx as a palate cleanser.



Harald Henning

David Platner


Mark McCandles.

I started GW@100 with 2 shares, which was a mistake. It’d been a while since I played 1856 though, so this broke off some rust. David won going away. The game was over around midnight.

I went up to the bar around 12:30 with Kevin and some others till around 1:15 and went back to the room.

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Grant LaDue
United States
New York
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2015 days 3, 4, and 5

Sunday 8/2/15

The wife called around 7 am, don’t remember why. I got up at 8:15. Breakfast buffet at 8:40.

9 AM



Bruce Beard


Mason Murray

Mason won. I finished 4th. We were done around 1:30.

Lunch at 2 at the Golden Corral with Eric and Glenn Pearce, my only chance to get over there this year (and likely ever).

Pam and the girls arrived at 4:15 and I got them and the stuff into the room.

5 PM

1856 again

Bruce 10497

Anthony Daw 6927

Me 9324

Glenn 5226

I started the GW at 80 with 4. I was pleased with this game, both in coming in second and because I started to see what I was missing. I should have started at 65 and I missed an opportunity to buy a 3 train a turn earlier. Much better game for me.

Around 11 pm I was up at the bar – Rikuu, Kevin, Keith Wixson, Marvin Birnbaum, George Young, Paul Gaberson and others. I probably should stop playing games and just hang out with the people, because I really enjoy these conversations.

I went to bed around 2 am.

Monday 8/3/15

Golf Day!

Got up at an ungodly 6 am, and left with Jeff F at 6:30 am. We hit the course (NOT the Host’s awful excuse for a course) at 7:30 with Jeff, Mark, and Coussis. We finished up around 11:45, which is a nice round. Hit pretty well considering I hadn’t played in a year, even won a hole.

I had lunch at the bar with Paul Bean around 1, then took a nap from 2 to 3. I put together my games for sale at the auction store between 3 and 5, and took them over at 5. After that I was working the setup of the store till 8, and Pam came and helped out too.

8 pm. Santa Fe Rails

Me 143

Chris Palmero 113

Andy Lewis 115

John Gitzen 107

Andy’s city cards were terrible, so he played the 4 in 1 card an astonishing 5 times! I don’t think I’ve seen it played twice in any other game before! He played it on turns 2,3,4, and 5. It worked to pull out second, so that was something.

At 9:30 I went back to the Auction store to help finish setting up and grabbed some dinner.

11 pm was back to the bar with Rikuu, Monin, Stein, Yoshi, Laurie W, Kevin W and Brian Collars.

Tuesday 8/4/15

Pam and the girls left to go tour some caverns at 7:30 am.

I got up at 7:30. Breakfast with Kevin, Laurie, and Monin @8:10. Off to work the auction store all day 8:30 to 5. The airconditioning was down in there yet again because of the torrential thunderstorm the night before. It came on (sort of) around 3 pm.

I bought these at the store:

Stone Age Style is the Goal $25

Guns of Gettysburgh $30

Race to the Rhine $30

Normandy 44 $27

Age of Steam maps Vermont and New Hampshire $15

Age of Steam maps Mexico and China $10

Age of Steam Expansion Box $15

Storm over Stalingrad $10

Taj Mahal $15

Battle for Germany $10

I bought Battle for Germany for Bob Sohn when the copies in the auction went above the price that a copy was in the store for. GoG was a duplicate, but it was stickered, whereas mine isn’t. Gotta sell that one now. Race for the Rhine was a silly duplicate when I forgot I had it already, but it worked out when I sold my shrink copy to a local guy for $50 which is more than I paid for the second copy, but well under current retail. Bonus all around! Bought more than I planned on, but ran into a lot that I was interested in.

I bought these in the Auction:

All three 1825 games $220

Kremlin $30

Rome $8

Canal Mania $12

Arkham Horror set $28

Steel Driver (signed) $30

CV $14

Shot and Shell $8

Tinners Trail $36

Indonesia $130

Tinners Trail and Indonesia were also for Sohn. The 1825 games were my goal this year. I’d been looking to pick up a copy of Kremlin for a while, and the others were just low prices for games that I’d like to have. Actually played Canal Mania, and liked it.

All in all another great auction and store. I really enjoy working this all day, but it is very tiring by the end of the day. I would have liked to have been in on the big Circus Maximus set, but the price went wonderfully high after the announcement about his health issues. One of these years maybe.

Got dinner at 6 at the bar with Bill.

7 PM

Wilderness War mulligan

I played a teaching game with Larry Luongo. Larry went 5-0 in HRC this year, losing to George in the final, so I could spend the game teaching strategy rather than the rules. I enjoy explaining my ideas about the game, so this was fun. We finished up around 10:30, so by 10:45 it was off to the bar with Stein, Mitchell, Yoshi, Laurie and Kevin W, Sean, Jeff, Yope, Keith W. Rachel stopped by at 11:45 after some game and Pam came by for a while. Off to bed around 2:15
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Grant LaDue
United States
New York
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2015 day 6

Wednesday 8/5/15

Up at 8:15. I had breakfast at 9 at the buffet with Pam and Rachel.

Nice lazy morning with a mulligan win so I could skip the first round of WW. At 11 I tried the world’s crappiest workout room. Seriously, of the many failures of the host the workout room is near the top of the list. Of the 8 or so pieces of equipment in there, only like 2 actually worked, and the room itself is a freaking sauna because the indoor pool vents directly in there and they don’t aircondition either. Horrible.

1 PM

Wilderness War round 2.

Vs Geoff Albutt. I’m the Brits.

Spring 1757

Monty moved down to Ticonderoga. British regulars landed Forbes at NY and 3 Regulars in Philly. Monty moved to Hudson Carry North, and Webb intercepted. The 6-1 die roll saw me only inflict one hit and him 4, no leader deaths. Flip that die roll, and this would have been a great start for me! Murray and a 4-4 Highlander went to Philly on the Small Highlander card. Monty sieged HCN (his force now 16) but Bouganville dies. VP’s to 5. Not happy with the progress, Vaudriel sends Monty to Ohio Forks and recalls Dumas east. Levis moves down to HCN to take command. I messenger intercepted Troop Transports from him. 2 Abenaki join the French. Forbes moved to Hudson Carry South. The (1-6) ranger moved to Johnson and Johnson et al headed out west. With the last two card plays, Johnson attacked the marine at Presquile and just barely won 2-1. VP’s to 3.

This was a very good British first turn. Hitting on the MI early really hurts the French, and Geoff wasn’t as familiar with the Johnson gambit, which is particularly effective with 3 straight card plays.

Fall 1757

British Ministerial Crisis pulled another Regulars out of my hand, but the big Highlanders card brought Amherst and Bradstreet and 3 4-4’s to Philly (now 29) and a 4-4 to Halifax (n13). He missed 4 raids. Johnson attacked and took French Creek. VP’s to 1. Monty chased, but didn’t catch, Johnson. I flipped 4 Northern Provincials. One raid. Amherst moved the main army. Indian moves attrited Johnson’s Highlander to death without winning a battle. Johnson died in one of the attacks. Levis retreated to Montreal for the winter. Surrender had been played for ops, so we reshuffled.

VP’s end the year at French 2.

That’s a solid year for the British. VP’s are well under control and a second large army has been assembled, with Monty still stuck out west.

Spring 1758

Monty moved to Montreal. Amherst moved to Laurel Ridge North. Monty with a max army moved to Crown Point and tore down Ohio Forks. VP’s to 1. Forbes with a full army of 35 moved to Hudson Carry South. 1 Indian joined France. Bradstreet moved to Ohio Forks with 3 Regulars. VP’s now 0. Indians move. I built 3 stockades with the surrender card. 1 raid hits. Levis moves to Green Mountain North with a 1-4. Amherst + 20 sp’s moved to Frederick. He built a stockade at GMN. Amherst to Philly. Provincial Assemblies go to Reluctant which only removes 1 Southern provincial. Amherst sails to Halifax, now 33. Drucor takes 2 regulars to Quebec. The Rangers move to Schenectady. VP’s still 0.

Fall 1758

British Ministerial Crisis *again* takes a Regular from my hand. Amherst and the force moves to NY (no amphibious landings I think). 1 northern Indian joins, but then both Abenaki desert! 2 new regulars land at Quebec. Amherst moves to Oneida Carry East. Monty and the main army moves to St Regis and Villiers to Niagara. I start a fort at OCE. Indians move. Forbes moves to NY. Indians hit 1 raid (now 2). I finished OCE. Monty moves to Canaugha. Amherst moves to Schenectady and Forbes dropped 2 provincials with Amherst. The missed a raid. I held the surrender card in my hand (for Niagara) and he removed 2 Northern Provincials. VP’s to French 1 from the raid.

Another reasonable year. Real pressure is developing out west, and vp’s are low. Any number of ways to win from here.

Spring 1759

French add militia (n2). Wolfe and 3 regulars land in NY. 1 lose one provincial. Forbes brings one of the main armies to NY now 36. A Cdb moves to GMN. Wolfe sails to Halifax. Monty moved to HCN. Amherst covered in HCS. A Cdb raids. Wolfe and all move to Louisborg. Bigot pulls Victories in Germany from his hand, and Wolfe begins the siege of Louisborg. VP’s still 1.

Fall 1759

He missed a Courier Intercept. Louisborg falls. VP’s to British 2. 2 Northern Indians join. Wolfe sails to Ile de Orleans. Villiers moves to Montreal with 2 Cdb and a 1-4, and Monty moves to Quebec, now max again. Amherst moves to HCN. Another French militia joins (n3). Stockade in HCN. 1 raid hits (n2). Amherst moves to Ticonderoga. Monty attacks Amherst and wins on a 3-1 die roll 5-6 hits. VP’s to Br 1. Wolfe moves onto Quebec. Monty returns to attack, but Wolfe intercepts with max while maintaining the siege. 3-3 die roll means I win 6-6. VP’s to Br 2. Quebec surrenders on the next card play. VP’s to Br 5 and the game was over.

This was a good tight game. Geoff is picking up the game quickly and if he had handled Johnson’s move out west differently, it would have been very very close. Smallpox never got played, but I had Surrender in my hand 5 out of the 6 turns, which is very odd.

We were over around 4:15, and I went and got a quick Caesar Salad till 5 with Pam and Rachel.

5 pm WW round 3.

So now I get Keith Wixson, gm of the tournament and top rated player. I’m British again.

Spring 1757

Monty moved to HCN, but Lake Schooners blocked it (If I got the right leader with my next card I could have held HCN indefinitely). Murray and both light infantry arrive in NY. Monty to HCN, Webb missed the intercept, but Monty lost 2 in the battle. Johnson dropped troops in Albany and went to NY. Monty took HCN. VP’s to 5. Murray moved to Hudson Carry South, dropping Johnson and a 26 in Albany. 3 Northern Indians came on. Bigot pulled Western Indian Alliance from his hand. 6 Indians moved. 2 Indians deserted from Monty (guess they didn’t like that big British army next door). 6 Indians moved, missing 3 raids (start your count here folks). I built stockades in Trenton and Culpepper. He held a card (probably British Ministerial Crisis as it turns out). I added a Southern Militia and Johnson moved to Philly with 2 x 4-4 and a light inf. VP’s at 5.

Fall 1757

I grab the Small Highlanders card from the discard pile, but he immediately played the Ministerial Crisis. Monckton attempted to sail, but was struck by foul weather. 1 Northern Indian came on. Monckton sailed to Philly. He played the big Highlanders card for 6 Indians, missing 2 raids. Moncton moves to Carlisle (now with Johnson 3 x 3-4, 2 x 4-4, 2-4, 2-6). Dumas dumped marines in Niagara. Moncton moved to Laurel Ridge North, dropping a 2-4 in Raystown. He used British Regulars for Dumas and 4 Indian moves, missing one raid. Stockades got built to LRN. He tore down Ohio Forks, vp’s to 4, while 4 Indians moved. Johnson moved to Raystown with 2 x 3-4 for winter. Monty returned to Quebec. I played a campaign for stockades in Concord, Manchester, and Portsmouth. Blockhouses stopped 1 raid.

VP’s remained at 4.

This was a lousy year for the British. The light infantry was the only reinforcement card I’ve gotten so far. I couldn’t effectively move the main British Army in the spring, and needed Moncton’s troops to put together a threadbare OF army. The only saving grace was that he went 0-8 on raids (a theme for this game), which kept him from stretching the lead.

Spring 1758

I drew the big Highlanders card from the discard pile in exchange for a campaign (sigh). I had to have the troops though.

Monty moved to Ticonderoga, dropping Levis 1 x (2-4), 1-4, 2 x 1-6 in Crown Point. Amherst arrived in NY. Wolfe and 4 x 4-4 in Baltimore. 1 marine moved to Villiers and he tore down the western stockades. Johnson moved to Wolfe (n 4 x 4-4, 2 x3-4). He used British regulars to moved Indians and cdb. Wolfe sailed to Halifax. He Courier Intercepted a provincials card from me. Wolfe moved to Louisborg and began the siege. He used British Colonial Politics to move 2 x cdb and 2 indians. Vaudriel switched Dumas and Monty to Venango. He moved Monty and missed a raid. Wolfe missed a siege (a 1 in 6 chance). Monty moved to Crown Point and Villiers to the Catskills. I tore down all stockades, while smallpox hit the main French army for one indian unit and 1 regular flipped. Monty moved to Ticonderoga to make it max again. Victories in Germany repaired my units He missed a raid with Villiers (0-10 on raids now). Vp’s still 4.

Fall 1758

Smallpox hit Wolfe for 1. I missed the siege. He hit his first raid and I got the siege to 1. Bastions repaired it back to 0. I missed the siege again. He moved a 1-4 from Presquile to Cataraqui. I missed the siege again. He missed a raid. I got the siege to 2, but he played coehorns and tied the battle 4-4. Johnson died. Drucor attacks with a (0-6), he gets a hit but no leader loss. Louisborg falls.. Vp’s to 1. Monty to Montreal. Amherst to Albany. Wolfe to NY. 4 provincials and a ranger to NY. VP’s end at 2.

Boy that was brutal. His Raid dice have been awful, but that site sequence was 1 in 10,000 at most. Pretty miraculous that the score was this close with two straight down years like that.

Spring 1759

A campaign saw Monty with the max to Ticonderoga, Bouganville to Niagara, and Villiers to Cataraqui. Forbes and 3 regulars to NY now 4 x (3-4) 4 x 2-4, 3 x 3-4, 2-6. 1 Northern Indian comes on. Wolfe moves to Onieda Carry East with all, dropping a 2-4 in Canajoharie. Villiers to Monty (n29). Stockade at OCE. He used British Regulars to move two Cdb and 2 Indians. A ranger moved to Canajoharie. He moved two Indians. I built a stockade at Canajoharie. Bouganville with 3 marines moved from Niagara to Montreal. I missed the Courier Intercepted. 2 Indians moved, missing a raid. I played Quiberon Bay! Not sure I’ve ever done that in the tournament. Amusingly he used Louisborg Squadrons to move Dumas and 3 Indians. Wolfe and Amherst moved in a campaign. Amherst to Oneida Carry West, overrunning 1 Indian. Wolfe to Irondequoit, also overrunning 1. Monty moved to Adirondacks South. Wolfe dropped a 2-4 in Oswego and Irondequoit and moved to OCE to cover the supply line.. VP’s still 2.

Still have a chance, especially because of Quiberon.

Fall 1759

I built stockades at OCW, Irondequoit, and Charlestown. Colonial Politics to reluctant removes 2 northern and southern provincials. Wolfe moved to Fort Niagara and Amherst to OCE. Monty to Schenectady. Vaudriel flips Monty (to Montreal) and Bouganville. I didn’t record the rest as it got super tight. It did come down to the last card play where I had a 1/3 chance to win it and didn’t get it.

I’m pretty proud of this game. Had to work with very few reinforcements, atrocious dice, and still had a die roll to win it at the end. Especially against top competition. Fortunately Keith couldn’t raid to save his life, but his other dice ran hot enough.

I’m going to be the eliminator against Doug Smith Friday at 9 am.

That game ended late, as I didn’t record what happened at the bar later.
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Grant LaDue
United States
New York
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2015 days 7, 8, and 9

Thursday 8/6/15

Up at 8 am. Breakfast with Michael Shea at 8:30.

9 am

Santa Fe Rails Semifinal.

Me 161

Adam Hurd 155

Patrick Mirk 168

Duncan MGregor 176

Tight game, but I got stuck with the first seat, and that’s nearly impossible to overcome.

12 pm. TTR practice with Pam and Morgan.

2 pm I was watching the BKN final start.

3 pm Vegas Showdown

Kevin Barry 55

Rod Spade 44

Andrew Freeman 57

Me 56

Another tight game. Almost got it.

5 pm. RA

Harry Flawd

Bill Place

Me, and 2 others. I finished third, but it was a runaway and my score was terrible.

7pm TTR

Paul Klayder 141

Amy Rule 142

Henry Allen 119

Me 88

I had crappy tickets, so had to gamble late and lost. Good quick game though.

9 pm and off to the bar with Paul, Hunsinger, Paul Riser, and I. Later Pam and all three girls were there. At 10:45 the BKN guys showed up to do a toast of cider for Andrew Cummins. I’m really going to miss seeing and talking to him. A real loss for us all, and I noticed it all this con. From 11 to 12 we had the Sandman meeting with Gregorio, Elliason, Nels, and 5 or 6 more. We had several tequila shots for Andrew and the others we have lost. 1 am to 2 am was Wixson and Marvin again.

Friday 8/7/15

8 am. Doug asked to move the eliminator game back to 3 ish, so I slept in. Got up at 10 am. Down to breakfast at 10:30 first with Pam and Morgan, then Harry Flawd and Chris Palmero.

11:30 am Off to the dealer room. Bought 3 $1 draw bags for tokens. Went back to the room at noon.

1 pm TTR heat

Me 150

Lee Mewshaw 113

Andrew Sherwood -29

Kevin Collins 72

3 pm. WW semi against Doug.

I was the French. I’ll try to summarize this one.

Spring 1757

Monty took HCN without anything unusual. The Mohawks came on, but he moved them with Johnson, to NY and a raid on their home eliminated them. He got 3 regulars and Johnson moved them to OCE, putting stockades in OCE an Canajoharie. I missed a few raids. VP’s at 5.

Fall 1757

I got 6 Northern provincials. He got 5 Iroqouis. Colonials went to reluctant, removing 3 from NY. He built forts in Oneida Carry East and West. He bigot’d smallpox from me (He bigot’d me in the first turn as well). I got a 3rd raid in. VP’s to 7.

Spring 1758

3 Western Indians. The Small Highlanders and Amherst moved to Halifax. Amherst attacked Louisborg, but hit fieldworks and lost 2-3. VP’s to 8. Amherst retreated to NY. He built a supply line to Niagara while I built a supply line to Hudson Carry South. Murray missed the first siege of Niagara, while Monty took Hudson Carry South. VP’s to 10.

Fall 1759

The season opened with Monty moving onto Albany, while Drucor (back from Louisborg) took an undefended stockade. VP’s to 11, which is auto win if the year ends that way. Amherst moved to attack Monty. Drucor intercepted, and Monty won 6-5. Both armies were now 24. VP’s are 12. I Courier Intercepted the Mohawks. He brought on some regulars and Bradstreet in Philly. Monty moved to Ad South. Bradstreet relieved the siege of Albany to reopen the supply line to Niagara, and Murray surrendered Niagara. VP’s to 10. Monty moved to Canajoharie with Amherst intercepting, but a French Ambush saw me do 8 hits to him, while he only did 5 back. VP’s to 11, but Monty dies! Bradstreet takes a stockade for a vp to 10. Vaudriel (!) to Adirondack South, but Amherst intercepts. I ambush Amherst again (!) and win 6-3. VP’s to 11. Amherst attacked again an won after he was reinforced, vp’s to 10. Levis missed a 50/50 raid, but a last second raid meant that VP’s were 11 and the game was over!

The game was over at 7 pm, but that was the most absurdly crazy turn I’ve ever played. This was a great tournament. Doug had beat James Pei earlier, and I think both Doug and Geoff are threats to win the tournament in the future with some tightening of their games. Some of the luck I had in this game would have been nice against Keith, who won it all, but I did manage to get fourth (sadly only 3 plaques this year) for some team points anyways.

7:30 was dinner at the bar with the roast pig night. Kevin McPartland was there, with Pam and Morgan. I was at the bar with Stein, Mitchell and others at 8 until Liars Dice.

11 pm Liars Dice with Chris Kalmbacher, Eric Harthan, Sarah Harthan, Don Harthan, Gary Shaefers, and me. I lost early, mostly on a terrible call when I said 10 sixes as third player in the first round and lost 3 dice when there was only 7. There was no way to have any idea what was out there yet, it was just a crazy guess that got me.

Back to bar by 11:30. Paul Stein, Mitchell. Then Paul, Lisa G, Jeff F, Sean, and Chris.

At 1 am everyone was gone, so I went for a walkabout. Around 1:30 I got very lucky and joined the Legendary Whitechapel game chasing Dolan Sr the ripper. Jr, Brian, Dolan, and Josh. We lucked out with a heavy duty guess at the last second and caught Dolan the ripper just before he escaped. That was a lot of fun and it was great to participate in what might be the last time Sr. Dolan is there for this.

Went to bed at 5 am.

Saturday 8/8/15

Up at 9:30. Breakfast at 10 with Rachel, Kristen,and Morgan.

11 am Carcassone

Dusty Usher 78

Bob Stribula 76

Me 37

Scotty Schmitt 73

12 to 3 pm, lunch and walked about the dealers room. Girls wanted Rattlebones, but it was nuts at $60. I did pick it up on sale about 3 months ago though. Didn’t buy anything today.

3pm. TTR heat #3

I came in 2nd. I didn’t draw tickets on the last turn, which would have given me the win. I knew I had second though, so I didn’t need it and a missed ticket would have been bad.

4:15 to 6 pm I replaced my clubs and one game bag and put them in the van for Sunday.

6 to 7 pm back to the bar for dinner for the brisket with Stein, Mitchell, and Monin.

7 to 9 pm I went to the attack sub demo with Monin. I got lucky and sank 4 subs for no losses.

9 pm to 4 am We closed the bar! Many many of the regulars were there. Several people stopped by to tell me how much they enjoy playing with Rachel and talking to her, which pleased daddy immensely. You guys can ask her about her Thryoid Cancer scar this year, she loves to show it off. Finished the night with Wixson, Marvin, Mark Giddings, and Rikuu and I had a great time all night.

Sunday 8/9/15.

Up at 7:50. Breakfast with Nels and Jeff.

9 am TTR Quarters

Table #4

Max Duboff 163

Chris Kalmbacher 106

Me 92

Helen Powell 55

What an odd game. All 4 of us had tickets across the north of the map somehow, so whoever got through was going to have a huge advantage. I got cut off pretty badly. No one ever built Houson to New Orleans. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that.

And that was that. The last WBC at the Host for the foreseeable future was over. Nels and I had our typically great time dissecting our cons on the drive home. All in all, the Host showed even more signs of its rapid decline and lack of maintenance, but it held up tolerably this year. We really need better though, and I’m very glad we’re going to Seven Springs in 2016!
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