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Hi Todd,

Thanks for making the game! Just printed it out, played through it and it was fun, provided quite a few nice little difficult decisions.

Couple of rules questions:
1. There seems to be an inconsistency in the rulebook. On page one, it says that the siege force reinforcement total added is the red value on the bottom of the middle card, but on the second page it says sum all three red values. Is the second one a typo? If so, and you remove the middle card, does that mean that there is no siege reinforcement bonus then?

2. Similarly, do we really gain the sum total of all the mana values on the bottom of three cards every turn? That seems a little overpowered. I spent most of the game at around 12 mana, and I don't think there was a single situation in which I couldn't afford one of the available spells, even taking into account the opportunity to dualcast when it was there.

3. Do we commit to using spells before or after seeing the results of our attack dice roll?

Again, thanks for the game!
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todd sanders
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1. No the rules say

"Phase 3. Attack - If the location you are at has Siege Force Markers on it, you must now attack. Calculate the Total Attack Strength of the Siege Force by consulting the Siege Force Table which lists Attack Strengths [A/S] based on the number of markers currently on that location (ex. 5 markers = 3 A/S), and adding the total Bonus Attack Strength as listed in the bottom middle of the 3 Action Cards"

Bottom middle means at the bottom of each card, in the middle of the card.

2. Yes the Mana value is added from all 3 numbers. Spells range in cost from 0 to 4 mana. Mana can also be used in a special action to heal your Spirit. Depending on the game yes you could have a high Mana value throughout. It depends in large part on how quickly you lose your Spirit HP and need a Mana recharge for it. Based on question 1, I think maybe you were not adding all 3 Attack Strength numbers which would mean the Siege Froce was not hitting you very hard.

3. You may use a spell after the die roll yes.
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