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Subject: NTJ at Swancon XXXII - Inconceivable! April, 2007. rss

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Rob Masters
Western Australia
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This was the third and final Not Tonight Josephine Tournament that we have run. This time we did it at the 32nd Western Australian Science Fiction Convention - Swancon XXXII.

We used the same rules that we used at GenghisCon:
1/ Adjudicators' decisions are final.
2/ No external assistance is permitted.
3/ The first and only prize is one demonstration copy of "Not Tonight
Josephine", donated by Toss Ink Publishing.
4/ The tournament is played as two rounds.
5/ The first round is an elimination round, with up to 14 players and two
games running simultaneously. Players will be divided at random between
the two games, as evenly as possible.
6/ The second round is a finals round, with the top scoring 7 playing a single game.
7/ The winner is the player with the highest total number of coins at end of the final game.
8/ Coin totals are carried forward for tournament points between rounds.
9/ There is a time limit on each round of 90 minutes.
10/ If the time limit is reached, the current round of play will end, allowing all players to have an equal number of turns.
10/ The standard winning conditions will also conclude a round.
11/ In the event of any ties, tie breaker questions will be asked by the adjudicators from the standard set, alternating between the tied players until a mistake is made by one player, but not the other. Players may
select from the two genres on the cards that are drawn for the tie-breaker questions. - See below for how we really did this!
12/ Question Card Management: Question cards will be shuffled by the adjudicators before each game, or
their nominated proxies. Question cards may be drawn from either box, but must be drawn from one
end, constistently throughout the game. Question cards are replaced at the opposite end of the box.
13/ Players will be provided with three "Claim" tokens per game. When the question categories on a card are read, a player may discard a token to change the space they occupy to a matching category. This will permit the claiming of a coin on a correct answer, just as though the board space were printed with the category on the card. This must be done before the question is asked.
14/ These rules may be revised by the adjudicators, as deemed necessary to ensure fair and fun play.

This time around, we had our full complement of 14 players (with extras lining up in case someone did not show!)

Leece was the moderator for Table One - here is her report:
We had on Table One, the Orange Table (so called because they were using orange claim tokens):

Craig McB
Karen B
David C
Tim Mc
Caris C

The coins flowed thick and fast! It was a very impressive game! Karen won the first coin but then David got two coins in rapid succession. There was quite a lot of traffic and noise through the games room, and our players had to put up with a lot, thanks to them everything proceeded pretty well. Most spectators, because the tournament attracted a lot of attention, were manfully preventing themselves from supplying answers for the competitors, and we had no real incidents.

Karen was looking very strong there, something of a bullet performer and Craig rocketed up as well. Tim also made a strong showing. Coman didn't do so well but seemed to be enjoying himself anyway.

The tournament generated a lot of interest in the game, and several spectators and players were keen on finding out more and who knows, some may like it enough to purchase it for themselves.

By the end of the first game everyone had spent their magic tokens to give themselves a chance at winning a coin, and the result was very tight, except for David C, who made a truly magnificent effort in this first round, not only ending with 6 coins but also making it back to the finish point as well!

David C – 6
Craig Mc - 5
Karen B - 4
Tim Mc - 4
Coman - 1
Caris C – 3

Rob was the observer for the 2nd Table, The Blue Table, and here's his report on their first round.

Things were very slow to start, with the players finding the initial questions to be (as they always are) oddly quirky. On this table we had:

Mark S
John M-D
Shelly Mc

First blood went to Mark, quickly followed by Frü, and then Jenny. A little while later, Reyhan grabbed the next coin, and then Frü grabbed his second. As with the first table, we had a steady stream of spectators come and watch. A couple of them are particularly keen to play outside of the tournament, now that they have seen the game in action.

The game on the second table went right to the wire, with Shelley scoring her only coin in the final round, after time had expired!

Final scores for round one were:
Mark – 4
Reyhan – 4
Frü – 3
Jenny – 2
John M-D – 2
Shelley – 1
Shirley – 0.

Then we had to resolve the tiebreaker between Frü and Caris which we did by asking them questions until one of them got something wrong. This resolved itself to make Frü the winner for the last slot in the grand final.

Then it was time to go to Elizabeth Moon's GOH speech, and off we went. You can read about that at We also paused to eat and watch some trailers for upcoming movies.

8:30 rolled around. All of the finalists turned up, much to Caris's dissapointment, she was hoping that someone would default, no one had, they were all very keen on winning a copy of the boardgame for themselves.

The game started very slowly. Everyone hoarded their tokens and were cautious in play. The most hated category became Quotations. Karen took the lead eventually, and was soon matched by Tim and Mark.

David left his run very late, and actually had a token left at the end of the game!

The game ran out of time and the players completed the round of play so everyone had an equal amount of turns. At the end, David, Karen and Tim had all scored a total cumulative 8 points each so we went into Einstein Factor Mode.

Rob and I asked them all the same question. They wrote down the answers, and wrong answers were disqualified.

Karen was bowled by a Baron Munchausen question and came third.

David and Tim then were neck and neck. Tim was the winner after 5 tiebreaker questions! A very tough game indeed! Congratulations to all of the competitors and thank you very much for playing!

Grand Final Results

David – 2
Craig – 2
Karen – 4
Tim – 4
Mark – 3
Reyhan – 1
Frü – 1


David – 8 Second!
Craig – 7
Karen – 8 Third!
Tim – 8 Winner!!!!!
Mark – 7
Reyhan – 5
Frü – 4

We presented Karen and David with consolatory Pocky and Tim with his very own copy of Not Tonight Josephine. Special mention must be made of Mark Sander, who has faithfully participated in every tournament in the hopes of winning his own box, but alas, has been pipped every time. Aww.

Very special thanks goes to Toss, Ink Pty Ltd and the lovely Tess, who donated the grand prizes of three copies of the game for the last three tournaments. Thank you very much. Visit the website, buy the good, fine game!
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Alicia Smith
Western Australia
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Hi, I'm leeece on
Maybe we can grab a game sometime?

14/ These rules may be revised by the adjudicators, as deemed necessary to ensure fair and fun play

We needed this clause, because we gave more than one prize in the end! :-) It was a lot of fun and I'm so glad we had two tables going!
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