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Subject: Divine Powers Module Variant rss

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Jason Thomas
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Divine Powers Escape Expansion
Obtaining Gems
The magic gems that bind the adventurers in the temple need to be activated to escape, but long have the adventurers wondered why they could not take the gems with them. After all, they must have some value right? In this expansion when players activate gems they will instead place an activated token to indicate that the rooms gems have been activated. A gem room with one of these tokens on it cannot be reactivated. In rooms with multiple gem activation choices, players still may only choose one to activate for the room. After completing a gem activation players in the same room decide which player will carry the gems. When a multigem room is activated players decide who takes the gems. They may be divided between players in that room. Gems can only be carried by one player at a time, but players may exchange any number of gems with another player in the same room as them at any time.
Using Gems
At any time if a player is in the starting tile he may spend 2 gold masks and the gems he has collected to activate one of the two divine powers available for the round. The players may activate these abilities as many times as they want, as long as they spend 2 gold masks and have enough gems to do so.
Divine Powers
Tapping into the powers of the gems, players activate divine powers to help adventurers reach the exit and leave the temple.
The following are the spells included in this expansion:
Spell Name
Cost in gems
2x total # of adventurers
Immediately move all adventurers to the starting tile.
2 gems
Take one random item from the stockpile and flip it over.
4 gems
Place an item face down on each item space available.
2 gems
Break one curse owned by one player.
3 gems
Remove 1 activated token from a gem room.
Holy Assistance
2 gems
Pass 1 dice to another adventurer. They may use this dice until the end of this round and then you take it back.
5 gems
Reveal the top 3 tiles of the exploration deck. You may place all 3 tiles on any edge of where you have explored so far.
2 gems
Remove one tile from the board and place it on the bottom of the deck.
1 gem
One player may take one of their dice and put the face up that they choose.

Spent Gems
When a player spends his gems they are removed from the game and not returned to the gem pile required to leave the temple.

*Obviously to use this you would have to up the difficulty a notch by adding the traps module or quests etc. without giving yourselves too many advantages. I have just always thought it was weird that you were putting gems back into the temple rather than spending them to use for your advantage in some way.

Let me know what you think?
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Andrea R
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It's nice.

One thing i was wondering.. we could call this a variant of the variant..

It came in my mind while reading this post. It could be nice as well to add gems to the pool required to exit if you activate the powers above mentioned (maybe with some adjustment in some case) with the same trigger (two or 3 golden masks) which means if they decide to use one of the powers they get an immediate benefit but the game becomes more difficult (something like when you add one gem and unlock all the dice at the same time).

The rule could be you draw two powers each round (it give some replayability and randomness on what you can do in the game) and you can use the powers as many times as you like although, if you abuse it, you'd not have the ability to get out anymore.
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Jason Thomas
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Stealing Gems vs Activating Gems
It's definitely a possibility and it is necessary to make the game harder for this to work. If not it is a good advantage. Another idea that I had is that you can steal the gems if you roll 2 more of what is required to activate the gems normally. It is kind of like overpaying to steal the gems which can help out more in the long run but takes longer to do. This gives you the option to either put out the gems normally or steal them by requiring more torches or keys. For example with this variant of a variant in a 3 gem key room you would have the following options. This might make it more fair, because you have to do a bit of extra work and decide, do I want to press my luck a little harder to get 12 keys vs 10 which could make a significant difference.
x4 keys= activate 1 gem (put it on the tile)
x6 keys= steal 1 gem (put out an exhaust token and then gain 1 gem to carry around with you and spend for divine powers).
x7 keys= activate 2 gems (put them on the tile)
x9 keys= steal 2 gems (put out an exhaust token and then gain 2 gems to carry around with you and eventually spend for divine powers).
x10 keys=activate 3 gems (put out 3 gems on the tile).
x12 keys=steal 3 gems (put out an exhaust token and then gain 3 gems to carry around with you and eventually spend for divine powers).
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