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Subject: Dogfight AAR - Ki-84 Frank vs. F6F-5 Hellcat rss

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Chris Buhl
United States
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Ki-84 Frank vs F6F-5 Hellcat

This will be my first game with the optional rules. You can see I butchered the gun dice in the Frank performance ruler. Have to redo that anyway. As with all of my games, I'm going to fight this until only one side survives, even though in a competitive game one side might be more inclined to flee if things get bad.

The energy counters from the Me-262 & F4U-1 will track speed, as I play with that optional rule.



Performance rulers. The Frank looks like the better airplane, but the Hellcat is hard to shoot down.

First pass, no shots

Hellcats use initiative get first shot, but they split up to get it. And the 2nd Frank element's wingman explodes in a huge fireball (1 hit 1 damage)!

In the middle, the Oscar, just barely, has a shot and the Hellcat, jut barely, doesn't...

1 hit w/ 12.7mm gun (high deflection shot), 0 damage.

Middle screen Ki-84 still to move.

Trading head on shots...

The Japanese 20mm cannon is a powerful weapon, and it shreds a Hellcat's wing like Swiss cheese (1 hit, 1 damage, reduced). The falling Hellcat's partner take vengeance, literally blowing a Frank pilot's cockpit to bits (2 hits 2 damage, reduced).

Trading head on shots each hits 1 for 0 damage.

A beautifully executed Immelmann puts the reduced F6F element in great position but they miss with both dice.

The Oscar burned energy but couldn't quite clear the American's gun range.

It doesn't get closer than this...

One hit for zero damage, and the Hellcat has no energy left (Frank has 1 more)

The Oscar gets on its foe's six. One hit but no damage.

Oscar misses

The Japanese use an Immelmann and the Americans a wingover to get shots. The Oscar misses, but the lone F6F puts enough .50 cal rounds into the Oscar to jam its rudder, leading to an uncontrolled spin into the ocean.

The Oscar really should flee but, Hell, BANZAI!

Oscar misses, Hellcat 1 hit 0 damage.

The Japanese pilot has just decided to take any shots he can get and hope for the best. He got half his wish, as he missed, the Hellcats scored 2 hits but no damage. And the Frank now has more energy than either American.

As the US planes come around prepared to attempt the Thatch weave, the Frank screams in for a shot at the reduced Hellcat. Despite needing only a three to hit, the Japanese again miss. The reduced Hellcat doesn't, scoring 2 hits. One of those hits bores directly into the cockpit, killing the pilot and crippling the plane at the same time.

And once again, I fly a superior plane to its demise. Well, I think it's slightly superior, but not a huge difference.

So, optional rules review.

1) High deflection shot - this didn't come up too often in my game, but generally I like it. In other games I've had plenty of situations where I turned into the enemy, as mentioned in this rule, and just dreaded the outcome. Over multiple plays I'll really like this rule, no doubt about it.

2) Accelerated Stall - N/A this is a solo play. I don't think I'd be likely to include this rule unless the other player wanted to use it.

3) Torpedo Attack Expansion - N/A to this game, but without question I'll use it in any torpedo attack scenarios, great addition

4) Expanded gun dice - I love stuff like this, just love it. In game play terms it seems to drastically impact some planes. Here the Frank gets an extra die, which I think makes it a more effective fighter than the Hellcat. I won't stake much on that, but it's faster, shoots as many guns and hits harder, is more maneuverable. The Hellcat is tough to shoot down, but once reduced its defense is a 3. Anyway, I like this rule but would be happy enough not to use it, especially introducing a player to the game (if I ever get the chance). Extra dice with different colors, that can be a lot. It adds to my solo experience, I think it would be fine but not essential 2 player.

5) Speed & Acceleration - HUGE WIN. I expected to find this rule frustrating because of the extra "book keeping" required, but it was not. This rule added so much tension and decision making to the game, I was shocked at how much I liked it. If I were to introduce a player to the game and thought we'd be playing multiple times, I'd be very eager to get him / her comfortable enough with the system to introduce this rule, even if it was the only optional we used. In case I wasn't clear, I LOVE THIS RULE!

6) Mid-Air Disintegration - If it makes the image of things going boom more vivid, I'm a fan. Not so much a rule as an additional flavor, I did very much enjoy thinking about what type of damage each hit did and what the result looked like (I seemed focused on pilots being killed directly by bullets, wonder what that means).

So we discussed scope creep in another thread here, I'm prepared to say that I don't believe this optional rules lead to that problem.

The more I play this game, the more I enjoy it.
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