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Subject: The Fallen - Episode 5 - The Reverend's Ongoing Zombicide Campaign rss

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Reverend Uncle Bastard
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New to the campaign? Start from the beginning here.

The Fallen - Episode 5

Boomtown: The Building of a City

Mission R6 - Jericho

Left to right: Mitch, Jane, Parker, Laurie, Louise, Travis

Jane's Diary:

After resting up at our camp in the woods for a few days after our encounter with the abomination we started noticing a heavy increase in the number of walkers stumbling into camp. It was time to find ourselves somewhere indoors, and defensible, to set up a new camp.

We found a small crossroads town a few miles to the south. As we were exploring around the outskirts we ran into a guy named Travis. He told us that the police station was full of explosives, and there was an abandoned police car in the middle of town with the remote control detonator. If we could get one set of explosives at each entrance to the town and set them off, we could blockade the whole town in one go.

Once we had blockaded the town, we could wipe out all the zombies inside the perimeter and start to build ourselves a new home.

We headed into town and began the search for some more weapons.

Those tough, yellow skinned skinner zombies sometimes take a few shots to put them down! As Travis and Parker headed to the police car, the rest of us fought our way to the police station to clear the building and grab the explosives.

While the town had initially seemed quiet, all of a sudden more and more of the skinner zombies began emerging from the sewers! The stench was incredible.

We fought off the skinners and the four of us opened up the police station and began the struggle to clear it. The noise was drawing more zombies from every direction, including some recently deceased "runner" zombies that were much faster than normal and some heavily rotted green "toxic" zombies that you need to kill from a distance or their poisonous blood will injure you.

Meanwhile Parker and Travis had reached the police car. Travis had found an unlit Molotov Cocktail, which he used to clear the way for Parker to start up the car.

Parker peeled off in the car, heading over to meet the rest of us at the station, running over as many zombies as she could on the way. Travis stayed behind to try and keep that area of town clear until we could get back there with the explosives.

Slowed down by the bodies of the walkers she had run over, a hyperactive "seeker" zombie managed to attack her through the broken window of the car. Luckily Parker is a medic and she managed to bandage herself up and carry on.

Mowing down more undead, Parker finally reached us at the station.

She was just in time too as a bunch of regular walkers and some bloated "fatties" emerged from the sewer, and a flock of undead crows descended on us from the sky.

Parker and Louise grabbed all the explosives they could carry and jumped back into the car to begin the arduous task of placing them at all the entrances to town.

We were starting to run out of time as a large herd approached from the south...

...and a "berserker" abomination stumbled in from the north. These behemoths can only be killed up close and personal as they have developed a thickened skin that is impervious to bullets and arrows.

Travis found a "guillotine" in his searching, this weapon would help him make mincemeat of the enemy as the women placed the explosives around town.

Louise placed the first explosives at one of the north entrances.

The rest of us traveling on foot arrived at Travis' location just as the massive southern herd arrived.

Travis grabbed his guillotine and waded in to do battle.

In a blind rage he was a one-man massacre!

As Louise and Parker continued their mission to place the explosives, Parker was driving and Louise was using her pair of pistols to pick off the undead dogs chasing their car.

Travis had fought his way through almost the entire herd when he found himself surrounded by a group of toxic runners. With no way to escape he killed them all and was taken out by the explosion of toxic juices.

As Louise and Parker, now joined by Jane in the car for extra firepower, fought their way to place the final explosives...

...Mitch managed to take out the abomination.

As they sped away from the final drop-off, Louise pressed the detonator and explosions rang out all around town. With the entrances sealed and no new zombies arriving, all we had to do now was wipe out the ones left inside the perimeter.

With the task almost done, we raced to Mitch's location to help him finish the last four berserker fatties.


After gathering all the bodies and burning them, we settled in for the night. For the first time in a long time I slept without worry of the undead disturbing my rest. This morning we are discussing plans to find some nearby supplies and stockpile them here, in our new fortified home.
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