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B. C.
United Kingdom
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DUCK” shouted the Prospector as the dark of night was momentarily repelled with a mystical light.

The two men stood dispassionately surveying the scene, The Drifter slowly raised a whiskey to his cold cruel lips “Old man, looks like we’ve been suckered right here” the prospector quaffed at the murky brown liquid that passed as beer in this town “ Yup, but that preacher sure went with a whizz bang didn’t he” the Drifter detected the slight joy in the Prospectors tone, the only thing that made the old man happier than money was an explosion.

The preacher had exploded, well erupted would be closer to the truth in gouts of mystical flame which now lapped at the dry wood and nails that made the high street of this town. The two men watched the towns folk running buckets in attempt to save the place, wasn’t really worth the saving but still both men admired the effort. Behind them the black hills roared and spewed jets of flame and debris into the night. The town’s women screamed and the men folk’s shoulders visibly sagged at the sight of this new strange incident. The two strangers continued to drink and watch.

By Dawns light both men stood at the mine entrance, no mistaking this was the right place, thick black soot covered the rocks, The prospector could tell that whatever lurked within carried a more palpable evil than they had previously encountered (darkness starts 6 spaces up the chart) “In and out old man that's the job we took on, in and out. We don’t need any of your poking around digging in the dark corners for that little bit extra for the pay day, we clear?” The Prospector shifted his eyes sideway “ In and out “ he agreed “ in and out”.

The mine entrance was as any other mine entrance, nothing out of the ordinary, nothing that hinted at what lay below. With the lantern lit and an unlikely burst of speed it was the prospector that entered the first chamber. The drifter peered past him, a blast room (Clue). Someone had been digging in the corner of the room exposing what looked like some ruins (encounter). On the other side suddenly what had been a normal looking exit from the room crackled to life with energy (Encounter) spewing forth what the prospector had dubbed Stranglers (5). These wild creatures raced towards the pair there wild writhing appendages, whiplashing around causing wounds to both men. The Drifter regained his composure and with ruthless efficiency returned four of the creatures to their maker. The prospector swung his pickaxe and in the blue glow of the gateway silence flooded back into the mine.

A journey to another world that both men knew lay beyond the gateway was not part of the deal,” check the mine in and out, nice and easy” Checking the old map the prospector had been given they headed to the right. “Well this aint normal” said the Prospector “what the jimmy flip have we got ourselves in to” (shrine room, clue, and attack). The candles that lit the room flickered and danced shadows on the wall masking the stirring corpses that lay hidden at the back ( 6 hungry dead & 2 corpse piles ).

The Drifter raced in to the room seizing the initiative, blasting away with his regular accuracy. SPLOT, THUNK, GRINK, the reanimated hit the floor with the hideous wet sound that both men were familiar with and had enhanced their offensive output against these grotesque threats. Having cleared the walkers the Drifter turned his sights on the closest of the remaining piles. With the room clear the prospector surveyed the back of the room and drew his bow. “Let’s see how these baby's work out shall we” whilst not the best shot,his aim was true and the dark stone arrows found their mark to devastating effect. The drifter grinned when he heard the fuse burn of a lighted dynamite “ DUCK” shouted the old man the explosion chewed through what remained of the corpse piles, distributing them evenly throughout the room” you done, old man?” “yup!, believe so .”

The lights from the candles seemed held in check by the only exit from the room, the darkness was strong here. The Drifter strode through full of confidence and showed no visible reaction to the horror that presented its self to both men. (Chamber of bones, clue) the Prospector lingered in the shrine room, protesting it was his knee, the drifter knew he was looking for treasure “Can’t teach an old dog new tricks”.

Both chambers where filled with swirling air and a voice that reached in to the next lives of both men. “WHO DARES ENTER MY PRESCENCE, WITHOUT KNEELING” . The old prospector Belched then called out “not with these knees I aint”. The giant looming figure shrieked at the insolence this puny mortal had shown him, Beli’al, last of the shadow kings. He in a blur raced forward past the drifter and seemed to grow in stature in the shrine room. The growing dread the men faced was quickly dispelled by the drifter with a tip of his lucky hat. Beli’al was muttering in his snake like voice which the prospector was not sure was audible but still rang loud in the darkest parts of his mind.( Firestorm spell) shaking his thick skull he rejected the voice, and glimpsed that the drifter had also shaken free of this spell. Reeling a little from the disorientating voice his reaction was slowed and was powerless to stop the swirling figure that was Beli'al reaching down and with the dismissive flick of the wrist, crushed the life out of the Prospector (revive).

The Drifter launched in to action taking the opportunity of a free attack, while the giant was somewhat distracted. The first of his shots squarely hitting a previously unnoticed key, that hang around Belials neck. The shot rang true and the drifter could see that Belial had registered the hit “The Key, hit the Key” he shouted hoping that the old man was able to register the information and react to it.

The prospector heard the words of his companion and this was enough to bring him back to the moment. Evoking the power of his war glyph he swung free with his pickaxe 3 good solid hits and another couple of good hits. One of the solid hits hit square on the key, the toll this took on Beli'al was clearly visible to both men “we can do this, if we work it right” through gritted teeth the old man proclaimed,as the remaining hits took their toll on the giant figure.

Beli’al reeled a little from the prospectors strikes and lashed at the Drifter who felt the darkness of the giants shadow grip at his very resolve (darkness card) but the drifter was a legend of death himself and so was able to cancel this threat with some ease. Beli’al was murmuring an incantation again conjuring a great sword of flame ( Sword of hellfire spell) swinging wildly both men where agile enough to avoid injury, it seemed that Fate had other plans for these two Hero’s, and that a third non present force was willing a victory.

Beli’al reached down with the fury towards the Drifter and was stunned to see this mortal lighting a cigar (prevents damage from a single source) and grinning “This cannot be” Beli’al questioned “believe it chump” the Drifter retorted to the sound of gunfire. A grin snaked across his face with another good solid hit on the key, but this time it was different (double 5 for damage) and instead of a true hit he could feel the corrupting force of the dark lord.

The Prospector swung true at the key, and launched his familiar cry “DUCK” letting fly with a fizzing red stick.

Beli’al was visibly reeling now, but both men where under no illusion that the fight was over. More incantations (attack) from Belial saw him try to revive the hungry dead scattered about the room, but in his weakened state his incantation was easily countered and the body’s fell limply back to the floor. Turning away from the Drifter and back to the Prospector, who would later swear that he saw fear in the dark god’s eyes.

A fresh spell was freeing its self from the lip of the dark one ( Hellfire chains) both men could feel chains of fire wrap snake like around them, but both had grown in stature as the fight had preceded and with a strength that belied their mortality they broke free. Shaken at his latest failure to crush these insects he reached out to the Prospector, who had taken a lead from the drifter and had lit his fine cigar, and whilst not as aloof as the Drifter, he was strong enough to absorb the blows he received.

The Drifter lit his gun up again, once again hitting the key true and square, but perhaps the hand fate was growing weary and the damage was deflected and the drifter once again felt the sting of corruption ( double 5 again!) . As if aware that fates guiding hand was fading the Prospector swung hard and true, putting victory a hairs breadth away. He knew they could not withstand the anouther onslaught from Beli’al even in his weakened state and so smiling at the symmetry of the story starting and ending with an explosion Let fly with one of his red candles “ DUCK”
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Adam Mitchell
United States
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Excellent! A great battle with Shadows of Brimstone's Big Bad! Congratulations on your Epic win/!
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