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The 1100 June 6th turn started with a flurry of German artillery raining down on Allied troops. It was not pretty for the Allies. The 716.Inf Division made use of the coastal batteries, which to this point, had been silenced. Freed from barrage markers, they proceeded to make all their contact rolls. In an unfortunate oversight (or not - neither side could recall), both Heavy AT Gun units of the 6th airborne (s4 AL AT, RA and s3 AL AT, RA) were still in LZ N with wheels up, getting ready to deploy. With a 5 white firepower and a range of 5 hexes, they could have dueled with (and actually out-ranged) any of the German panzer units approaching the dug in 6th Airborne infantry. A coastal battery took out one of them with an "E" result. The other was quickly destroyed with a follow up strike from the 21.Pz organic artillery. Those 2-step Heavy AT Guns will be sorely missed - Pegasus and Orne bridges are now very vulnerable. Further coastal battery and artillery from the GWldrsee/1716 unit unloaded on high value targets up and down the beaches - engineer units were laid to waste.

Inland at Sword, armor from the 21.Pz quickly moved up on the 6th Airborne infantry and inflicted casualties (2 total step losses; with one of them eliminating a unit from the game). A lucky 0 roll from a panzer unit near Pegasus bridge eliminated an engineer unit on the bridge - they were desperately trying to prepare defenses for an inevitable counter attack and had already lost half their men.

KG Oppeln started moving through Caen - awaiting orders on where to deploy. Reinforcements from the 21.Pz continued to stream onto the map - numerous artillery units reached Caen and awaited orders where to deploy. The long range guns from the Independent 1./I.Pz.Art 155 found a suitable spot in Caen and deployed - ready to create an artillery Park - its guns could reach the open terrain just beyond the hedgerows near Le Bas Lion.

The 6th Airborne started dropping mortar rounds and pulled back from the approaching panzers. A brave infantry unit moved out from Pegasus bridge to Benouville to distract the encroaching panzer unit that had just inflicted the damage on the engineer unit. Brig. Kindersley, who had set up his CP in a protected area near Pegasus Bridge, relayed a dispatch to Allied HQ:

Sword and Orne holding
Counterattack launched from 21.Pz
Heavy AT guns down
No sign of Commandos from Sword
Need armor and anti-tank weapons ASAP
Receiving artillery fire - please locate and silence
3rd drop DZ/LZs may be hot

Sword beach was a mess. Incoming LCs still had obstacles to deal with, and although all gaps were opened when the naval chit was drawn, more waves of men landed on the beach and were packed so tightly together the Allied commander drew an auxiliary map and ordered stacks of units to leave the map, for fear of an accidental shirt sleeve causing 2 hours of reconstructive stacking. Mines slowed down the advance everywhere. The Allied commanders (Bob and Chad) were having concerns over whether this beach will be cleared by the deadline - ALL beaches must be cleared by end of 2100 or the invasion is over. The German commander, sensing an opportunity, sent the following orders:

Translated from German.......

Invasion force at Le Bas Lion bogged down
All available units move to hedgerows outside of Le Bas Lion
Prepare Bocage defenses and pre-sight guns on open ground in front of hedgerows
KG Rauch to spot and relay coordinates for artillery strikes
Reinforcements coming from Caen
No retreat/No surrender orders strictly enforced
Victory is near - pancake breakfast being planned for 0700 June 7th

The hedgerows outside of Le Bas Lion are within 3 hexes of the Allied reinforcement hex on Sword and if they are not taken, the Allies will not be able to establish a beachhead - there would be no way to link up to the 6th Airborne and Pegasus/Orne would no doubt be taken in short order. The implications of the German orders were clear though - if the Germans couldn't drive the Allies back into the sea, the road to Caen will be much more lightly defended. The pancake breakfast may very well be canceled - the Allies have a lot of firepower and will be a force to reckon with once they get off the beaches.

More bad news for the Allies came from Sword though. The Event Chit die roll seriously wounded Brig. Palmer of the 27th Armored Brigade, attached to the 3rd Infantry Division. The 27th Arm. Brigade cannot have any Command Points spent on them until the end of the upcoming night turn. That is armor that is sorely needed to drive the Germans out of the hedgerows - they will now need to maneuver next to the hedgerows and rely on formation activation chits.

At Juno beach, the Allies were making progress - infantry units continued moving off the beaches and the left flank was completely open - no German defenses remained in that part of the beach. Also, a 0 roll from a naval bombardment cut communication phones lines back to Oberst Krug - several pillboxes were now out of command; leaving just one pillbox able to communicate (it was within command range of Oberst Krug). Oberst Krug was now in a bind - he could move his CP closer to Juno to help coordinate defenses, but that would cut communications off to the infantry units digging into the hedgerows near Sword.

At Gold, elite commandos assaulted and took out a pillbox, opening a gap in the left-center. Unfortunately, the road from the beach on the right flank continued to be tied up by a zero step German pillbox - repeated (and I mean repeated) naval bombardment could not so much as produce a single cohesion hit. The S? that was inflicted was passed with a die roll.

Inland at Gold, in hedgerows near Manvieux, the Germans unhitched their artillery from the horses and prepared to set up an artillery park. The artillery can reach Gold beach from here.

The first points of the campaign were had. The 21.Pz completed its tertiary task and banked 6 points. A 2-step unit from the 716.Inf Division was in Le Petit Enfer (on connecting road A) for 2 consecutive turns. It's important to note that it does not matter what division a unit(s) is from when objectives are completed, only that it was completed.

Overall, it was a tough turn for the Allies. They are behind schedule on all beaches and the casualty list is growing (see pics).

The first chit in play next turn will be the 50th Infantry Division on Gold.

Overall Situation at end of turn:

Chit Draw Sequence (goes from right to left):

Casaulties from this turn:

Casaulties campaign-to-date:
German step losses: 11
Allied step losses: 49

Allied Commander Chad planning operations on Sword. The glance says it all...."Where did all those German reinforcements come from? And whose idea was it to play this **** game!!??!!"

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