Peter Van den Broeck
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It has been over a year. They heard different stories about other adventurers and other monsters but their luck was lost in the manor. Skarn had played his last trophee, and it was difficult to refind their motivation.

However, when Avric, Steelhorns and Leoric spotted a gang of thieves, old wounds began to ache again. What has happened in the manor since their last disastrous visit? Where has Skarn been since then?
They decided to follow the bandits and see if they would be able to find answers to their lost advnentures. Maybe they would be able to find the heart of the manor this time?

The manor was detoriorated. Fierce creatures had found their way in, housing in basements, crypts or near graveyards. Would they find (and defeat!!) Skarn?

The three adventurers were well prepared. They had perfected their healing skills. If they stayed together, Avric was able to heal 2 (two!) hero's with one prayer of healing. And not only healing, also giving them extra damage (one extra brown die), extra attack (one extra yellow die) and the prayer would remove all conditions. Steelhorns was able to remove fatigue from his adjacent friends, enabling Avric to use his prayer, every time, even when exhausted... All this, off course, providing they stick together. But, if the creatures in the manor were able to seperate them, a lot of their powers would dissolve.

Although the bandits arrived at the manor before the adventurers did, the bandits decided not block the entrance to the manor. They crawled back in the furthest corner of the entrance, hoping to survive the first move of the adventure team! And they survived!! The adventure team ran up to the entrance of the basement of the manor, blocking the bandits to come closer!! Leaving only one option to the bandits: attack!! So they did. They summoned their raven friend, surrounded the adventure team and tried to give as much damage as possible to the hero's. Leroic took a beating and also Avric got some damage. However, in the next round, the thru power of the team became visible. Healing themselve and damaging as much as possible: they were able to wipe out the whole bandit group + the raven flock. Skarn's courage sank in his feet!

However, in the graveyard, Volucrix reavers came to help. Overhearing the deadly cries of their bandit friends, they were reluctant to ran into the basement and give the adventurers a beating. So decided to wait out. The minion Volucrix Reapers set up a defense line, the master monster awaited the adventurers as far away as possible. Drawn by the noises in the graveyard, the adventure team decided to skip the basement and ran directly into the graveyard, hoping also to wipe those nasty creatures. And by God, they did. Two well defined attacks from Steemhorns and Leroic, took out the minion ravens. The master Volucrix crawled even further back, luring the adventurers as far from the basement as possible: he would give his life in to clear the way for other monsters to come to the basement and summon Skarn as healthy as possible.

However, elation comes before the fall. As the adventure team persisted on bringing down the master Volucrix, they missed two attacks. The monster survived one more round!! Barely alive (with one life left) he dashed his way to the basement, and their, with the help of the returned master bandit, and the arachyura spider, the brought Skarn back to life. If he could wait out three more turns: the heart of the manor would be his!

The three adventurers moved back quickly to the basement. Taking out the master Volucrix, damaging the arachyura spider, they were able to fight their way back into the basement. However, Skarn laughed and made clear he was here to stay. He attacked and mended his powers even further (almost fully healed). However Skarn forgot about the special features from Steelhorns: he was able to push Skarn out of the basement so that his powers would decrease again. But then, out of the secret crypt: ravens attacked. Their deadly cry doomed the hero's!! The hero's however were counting on this: the prayer of healing evaporated the doomed conditions and were able to attack again. Thay managed to kill the arachyura spider.

Skarn ran into the basement again, strengthening his power to their previous level. Together with his bandit friends he managed to seperate the hero's and he gave Avric a first knockout. His second token flipped!

With despair in his eyes, Steelhorns revived his healer friend Avric and thowes his last powers at Skarn. However Skarn is healed enough. He survives the attack easily (well, easily: 3 health left). In the next round: Skarn flips his third token, triggering the final victory.

Skarn wins this unkind manor mini campaign!!

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