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Sam R
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I've been playing and enjoying ian_07720169619's solo variantfor Tsuro of the Seas. While it makes for a wonderful solo puzzle, I missed the fun of placing a tile and having multiple ships move simultaneously. With that as inspiration, I came up with the following solo variant in which you are the admiral controlling the fleet of eight ships. If you enjoy it or have suggestions for making it better, please let me know.

You are the fleet admiral in command eight ships sailing the Yellow Sea. The seas are rough, there are hungry dragons about and if you don't keep moving dastardly pirates will attack your ships. Your goal is to ensure your fleet survives seven cycles of the moon losing as few ships as you can along the way.

Additional Components
(1) Something to keep track of the eight phases of the moon: new, waxing crescent, first quarter, waxing gibbous, full, waning gibbous, third quarter, and waning crescent. I use an 8 sided die with 1 representing a new moon and eight representing a waning crescent moon.

(2) Eight small markers that can be placed in or near the ships to mark that they have sailed in a given cycle. I use small cubes borrowed from another game.

(1) Lay out the board.

(2) Shuffle and roll to place 3 daikaiju.

(3) Set the die to one (new moon phase).

(4) Shuffle and draw 3 tiles. Place the rest in a stack near the game board.

(5) Place the eight ships wherever you choose on the edge of the board.

Game Play
(1) Daikaiju Movement: Roll to move the daikaiju per the regular rules. If a daikaiju moves to destroy a wake tile with a ship, the ship is removed from the game. If if less than three daikaiju remain on the board after the daikaiju move, draw daikaiju and roll to place them on the board until there are three.

(2) Ship Movement: Place a wake tile to move at least one of your eight ships. If this is not possible because all ships are adjacent to daikaiju, remove one of the ships from the game. It is eaten by the daikaiju. Place one of your movement markers on/near any ship that moved but doesn't already have one. Any ship which has sailed off the board is removed from the gain as it is now in uncharted territory. Any ship which finds itself in a loop is lost and removed from the gain. Ships which end up in the same end spot crash and both are removed from the game. Ships which would travel on the same path but in opposite directions pass each other and continue on their way.

(3) Draw: If you played a wake tile and the stack is not empty, draw a new wake tile.

(4) Increment Time: Increment the moon counter (die) to the next phase (note 1 comes after 8). If the counter is now on the new moon phase (die on 1) any ships without a movement counter (those who have not moved in a full cycle) are raided by pirates arrrh and are removed from the game. Remove all of the movement counter from the remaining ships.

(5) End Conditions Repeat (1)-(4) until you have played all 56 wake tiles (7 cycles), have no ships remaining, or have filled the entire board.


The lower the score the better:

(1) Winning: If you have any ships remaining after placing all 56 tiles or filling the board, you win ! Your score is the negative of the number of ships you have remaining. A perfect score is -8.

(2) Losing: If your entire fleet is destroyed by daijaiku, raided by pirates, sailed into uncharted territory, or lost at sea, you lose Your score is the number of wake tiles remaining in the stack and in your hand. The lower your score the longer you survived and the better you have done.

I have played this solo variant a number of times now. The features I like about it is that it forces you to move every ship in a timely fashion and moving two ships with the same wake tile frees up time that can be used to move a ship twice in a month. It is by no means easy however. My last three plays were a -1 win (barely as I was staring down a daikaiju at the end), +9 loss, and a -3 win. Let me know your experience with this solo variant.

Sail On!
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