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Subject: Bat Rep (I was Rebels) rss

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Steve Dara
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So I played a game yesterday and I figured I would go ahead and share my victory with all of you... and see if you guys enjoy bat reps or not (because I'd love to hear them). We started with randomized planets, rebellion starting with Naboo, Kashyyyk and luckily Mon Calamari; imperials starting with subjugated Mustafar and Rodia, as well as loyal Sollust, Mygeeto and Mandalore.

First turn Jan Dodonna launched a daring raid against an imperial fleet over Mandalore, hoping to score an early victory point by destroying a Star Destroyer. The emperor would not allow this and countered with his action card making my force severely weakened and after one round of losses I could not continue my assault.

The empire expanded his grasp exploring planets and grabbing as many probe cards as he could. He moved his fleet into Dantooine and Illium, hoping to catch an early victory. He was disappointed when all he found were a few smuggling colonies.

Through the next few turns the rebels focused on gaining resources after loosing so much over Mandalore and the empire stretched far and wide exploring for my base. The fourth turn Jan Dodonna launched a new offensive, this time focusing the rebel bases fleet on the imperial ships above Dantooine. His plan was to leave the ground forces stranded there with no imperial transports. After a heated space battle with Darth Vader, the rebels objective was accomplished. Unfortunately, Jan did not notice the bounty hunter, Boba Fett following his every move.

With Jan captured over Dantooine, Leia came in to save her colleague. She was just shy of her mark, however, until her trusty astromech R2D2 saved the day and they were able to free Jan. Unfortunately this was Darth Vader's Plan and Princess Leia did not escape.

The following turn Wedge led a daring raid on a large imperial fleet on its way to Mon Calamari. Thankfully Wedge was successful in the space theater, stranding another imperial force on a blockaded planet. And with the help of General Rieekan and Mon Mothma, the rebels were able to dispose of imperial loyalty on Mygeeto and sabotage Mandalorian factories.

In other parts of the galaxy, Leia was freed by a daring rescue led by Luke Skywalker and Jan Dodonna. Only to have Han Solo captured by Darth Vader in the Bespin system. Chewbacca led an assault on Alderaan, hoping to destroy their ground forces presence there, but was utterly thwarted by the tactical genius of General Veers.

With nowhere to deploy units on the galactic west front my imperial adversary realized what section of the galaxy my rebel base was in. Now it was a race for him to get to Mon Calamari or Yavin 4 (he had it narrowed down to these 2). The death star advanced to Kashyyyk, and crushed the rebel ground forces with 2 AT-ATs and several units of Storm Troopers. Fortunately for the rebellion its fleet was split between Mandalore and Toydaria. Wedge leading the fighter battalion, with the help of 2 Mon Calamari cruisers was able to stay alive the first round of combat and made a shot that was 'One in a Million'. The empire feeling the damage of one dead death star was demoralized.

The final move was of the rebels, Han Solo and Chewbacca together lead a secret ground assault on the Heart of the Empire itself, Corusant. 2 air speeders and 2 ground forces faught long and hard against Darth Vader's finest, 3 ground forces. Vader's tactical brilliance almost proved victorious, however after one unfortunate volley of dice the empire was toppled on it's own capitol planet and the galaxy was freed from it's evil control.

Great game, hope you guys enjoyed reading it!
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